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NYPD. A retired cop named Sully shows up to discuss the Marlene Elias case with Carter. Apparently Sully worked the case back in the day. She tells him that the stolen murder weapon turned up plunged into the chest of the chief suspect. Sully says that's divine retribution, because he had the guy dead to rights (he left a partial print on the knife), but the D.A. was bought and sold. Sully says the city was different back then. Marlene was a cocktail waitress who had an affair with the club owner, a mobster. He got tired of her wanting to be with him, so he sent DeLuca to kill her. The only problem was her kid. Apparently she had a kid with the mob boss, but he didn't want to admit the affair so the kid went into the system. Sully asks Carter if she thinks the kid's the killer, and she says she doesn't know who else would go to so much trouble.

In the car, JC and Zoe discuss the merits of jazz (his attempt to get her talking, which doesn't work since she says she hates jazz -- interesting since her apartment was filled with jazz records). They show up at the meet with Douglas, and JC notices Douglas isn't alone. He asks her if she was supposed to be meeting with two people or one, and asks her to let him take care of it. She snots at him to get back in the car. Instead, he stands outside and watches as she hands over the recording. Then a third guy gets out of the car, and they insist she get in the car. Douglas tells one of his guys to "get the driver," but the driver happens to be a major badass, and he's already there and taking out all three guys long enough to grab Zoe and make their escape.

Back in the car, Zoe tells him she guesses she's paying him to do more than just drive. He tells Bench the handoff was an ambush, and Douglas tried to kill them both. Zoe's like, "Yeah, thanks. I was there, remember?" Bench asks if she's safe, and JC says she's a little shaken up. Then he asks for Talbot's address. Zoe asks who the hell he is, and she says they're in the same business -- fixing problems -- and he had information she was in danger. She asks from who, and he says she has her people, he has his. They're heading to Talbot's to get the recording and find out what's on it, but she made a copy. "I'm discreet, not stupid." They unload it to Bench, I guess, and when they arrive at Talbot's, he's already dead. Zoe makes her break when JC gets out for two seconds to see what's going on. Since she's obviously in serious danger, this puts a bit of a kink in our stars' plans to keep her safe.

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