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JC drives her home, and she gets out of the car barefoot and asks him if he saw anything interesting tonight. When he says nothing worth mentioning, she pays him and tells him to be back tomorrow. As she goes inside, Bench comes out of hiding again and asks JC if he's figured out what she does yet. He says she's a fixer, and who wouldn't want to have her killed?

Carter shows up at a murder scene and a generic cop fills her in that the victim is 71-year-old Vincent DeLuca, who was an enforcer for La Costa Nostra in Brighton Beach. Generic cop says it was a public service, if you ask him. Carter says the stabbing was personal, and they discuss the knife, which isn't from the kitchen. This knife is old, dull, and painful. Carter reads the guy's rap sheet and sees he was charged (and skated) with murdering Marlene Elias in the '70s. She tells the generic cop that the evidence and murder weapon -- a kitchen knife -- were stolen from lockup a few weeks ago.

Zoe Morgan meets with a guy Bench and JC quickly figure out is Samuel Douglas, head of crisis management at Vertanen Pharmaceuticals. Do companies really have heads of crisis management? I'm not saying it's a bad idea; just surprising they'd actually title someone as such. Anyway, Douglas tells Zoe about a corrupt blogger named Talbot who would do anything to get a scoop, including violating Vertanen employees' right to privacy. Zoe asks what the blogger has on Douglas's boss. Bench tells us that's Mark Lawson, and he's waiting in the car for Douglas. Douglas says he has a recording between Lawson and a young lady that could be misconstrued. Zoe wonders who really cares if his boss has an affair, and Douglas says his boss's wife does. And her daddy owns the company. Douglas tells Zoe to get the recording, and she says she doesn't need to know what's on it. Douglas says they appreciate her discretion. "As always." So they've worked together before, I gather. JC and Zoe pass flirtatious glances at each other as she gets back in the car.

In the park, Zoe successfully gets the recording from Talbot in exchange for $40,000. JC tells Bench Talbot's a blackmailing scumbag, but hardly a threat. Bench says JC needs to get Zoe talking about her previous clients. JC realizes how similar he and Zoe are, apparently, and says that's much easier said than done.

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