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"You are being watched." And, judging by the ratings, you're kind of into that. This week, our Number is in the opening, though, right at the end where Bench says, "... if your number's up, we'll find you." Is that always the case, and I just don't pay enough attention to the opening each week? Or has Paige Turco been in the opening from the get-go? I hope someone on the forums will be able to answer my question. (Actually, I just watched the opening of last week's episode online and see that it showed the judge at the end. So, okay. I'm just not very observant.)

It's another surveillancey voiceover opening. This one is a woman who says, "You know why I'm here. You know how I feel. I can't hide it anymore. What we're doing is wrong." Then Paige Turco's coming out of a New York townhouse to her car. JC's waiting to be her driver, which doesn't make her happy. She calls her car company, and Bench answers and explains her regular driver's laryngitis. He says they sent their best driver in his place, but she's going to be the judge of that. And she's also not going to pay him until the job's over, judging by the fact that she gives him a bill -- only after tearing it in half. JC drives her away, and Bench comes out of hiding. He breaks into the place, narrating for JC the whole time about her nondescript apartment with nothing she cares about in it. He asks where JC keeps the things he cares about, but JC says he doesn't have any. Bench also fills us in that she dropped out of law school, then bought a $2 million place in the city with cash.

JC stops the car and watches as Paige Turco gets out, and exchanges a package with a guy named Slip (who calls her "Zoe") for a lot of cash. He tells Bench, then tells him that if he wants to know where to hide things, it's "underneath." She changes in the car while JC drives, then gets out looking much more sexy. JC has discovered the package she bought was a gun, but Bench says that's what he found under her couch, too. JC realizes she bought an untraceable gun because she plans to kill someone, and follows her inside her next destination. He follows her into a dark hall where she pulls the gun on a cop. Then she addresses him by name -- "Lieutenant Gilmore" -- and hands him the gun. Apparently this cop's nephew, also a cop, left his sidearm in a public bathroom and she's returning it and saving the cop's career. She tells him to stop some investigation into Councilman Rush, and he asks if that makes them square. She says it doesn't, but it's a start.

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