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Previously in the wacky brain of J.J. Abrams: Disguises! Numbers! Parallel universes! Plus, lots of faux science. And always with the sexy, which we get here, too (thank you, Jim Caviezel). Let's just hope this show is more serial storyline and less procedural, mystery-of-the-week drama.

Speaking of, we open right on his sexiness, as he rolls lovingly around an outdoor bed draped in white sheets with an equally sexy blonde woman. He whisper-talks (does he have any other way?) a voiceover: "When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someone different. Someone better." It's worth noting that he has a scratch on his shoulder that she caresses a little bit as they kiss. Whisper-talk voiceover continues: "When that person is taken from you..." Lost-style musical cut to shaggy, dirty, homeless Jim Caviezel (whom, by the way, I've decided to call JC for now instead of Jesus. I'm in the market for better nicknames for his character and all others. If you have ideas, email me or post them in the show forum). JC finishes: "...What do you become?" I'm guessing that since we already see he's a shaggy, depressed, homeless guy, his question is rhetorical.

Some punk kids enter his train. We know immediately they're punks because the preppy ringleader is chewing on his fake gold necklace. Lame, and lamer. They pick a fight with some minority subway riders who flash a gun, but end up leaving out of fear or intelligence when lame ringleader Anton asks if they want to see a real gun. Anton assures his friend they'll get some new "hardware" next week and restore some order to the subway. He basically is a richie-rich kid but rides the subway to taunt people. JC's his next target. He steals his bottle of liquor, but JC quickly and easily jumps from depressive to ninja as he kung-fus Anton's three friends and then chokes Anton into submission. He grabs his head -- regretfully? -- as surveillance images beep-beep and back out to shows us that someone is watching.

When the surveilling is over, Anton and his friends are glaring at pretty female cop Taraji P. Henson (I'll just pretend we already know her name is Carter and call her that, but all of these last-name-only characters are going to get old quick). She wants a statement from "the bum," but first she watches surveillance footage of JC beating the crap out of the punks. She finds JC, tells him she wishes he'd let those punks land a couple punches first, says no one fights like that unless they're in the service -- but not the regular Army -- and then asks his name. He thinks it's funny that you only need a name now when you're in trouble; so, is he? She asks him to tell her; he's the one living on the street. She wonders if he needs her help, or if he's one of those guys who's done so many bad things he thinks he deserves to be punished. She asks if that sounds like his story, then excuses herself for a moment. She's such a good detective that she doesn't need to wait for answers, I guess.

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