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Number Crunch

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DeAnn Welker: N/A | 6 USERS: A+

There are four Numbers this episode, so you'd think there wouldn't be much time for arcs and development with our regular characters. But you'd be wrong, because the A plot is pretty boring and unimportant in the scheme of things. Basically, the first Number winds up dead before JC even reaches her. The second one dies almost as quickly, with Bench watching. The other two, though, manage to escape death -- but barely (and mostly thanks to JC beating up the hit man who came after them). Turns out what the four have in common is that they stumbled upon a car crash. It was a Congressman's son, and he was all coked up and ridiculous. The four people found a million dollars in his car, and took it. Problem is, someone set up the crash to get the money, and they're not stopping until they get it back. Long story short, the Congressman himself was in on it, because seemingly noble politicians are always corrupt in the end, duh.

Meanwhile, Carter's stuck at her desk after last week's shooting incident and the fallout from that (the fallout mainly being that some CIA guy is in town looking for JC). She resists being kept at her desk, and resists being followed by JC's old friend. But then the guy tells her that JC is a killer -- that he used to do it for the government, but now he just does it for fun. Apparently, she believes the guy because after JC gives her a call with a tip about the guys who killed those first two Numbers, she leads the CIA right to JC. WHO ENDS UP GETTING SHOT. Twice. He's amazingly resilient, though, because he still manages to get away. The CIA guys are all confused, but Carter follows JC into a stairwell and out into the street, where he runs into the arms of his Sugar Daddy, Bench. Carter softens when she sees them together, and helps JC escape. But only after a long, romantic look between the two of them (Carter and JC; not Bench and JC. That would be too obvious).

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