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"Not Every Ex-Soldier Meets a Reclusive Billionaire"

She heads down to the evidence locker and past Bench, who's finishing up being questioned by investigators. She doesn't give him so much as a look, but he notices her. She heads back into the cage with Molina. The officers on the scene show them what the robbers took: It's just an empty evidence box that says, "Elias, M." It also says "H73-36" next to "Case" and "58-1278" next to "NYSID No." For those J.J. Abrams fans obsessed with numbers.

Bench asks JC why he let their bank robber get away. JC says he paid his dues and deserves a second chance. But they're not quite done. Latimer's meeting with Sir Elias, whose face we don't get to see. I still think this is Latimer's big boss, despite some objection by forum posters who think he's just a client. I don't think a client can make him kill off his team at the end of a mission, but maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe it is a client, and the kill-off was just part of the deal. I'm not sure it really matters, though, because this is the last we'll see of Latimer (but I sure hope it's not the last we see of Sir Elias). Latimer asks if they're done as Sir Elias looks through the envelope. It's a picture of what looks like a dead woman, and a picture of a bloody knife. There's also a wrapped-up knife and the case paperwork. Latimer tells Sir Elias they better talk money. Surveillance images cut to JC walking into Latimer's place, where he finds him dead. He tells Bench someone else got here first. Bench asks if he has any idea who, and JC says the name on the box said "Elias." Does that mean anything to Bench? He says no, and he better look into it.

JC goes back to stalking Joey, just long enough to watch Pia show up at the bus station to head off into the fugitive future with her man. JC flashes back to 2007, and tells Jessica they're all alone in the end again. He wishes her happiness with Peter and tries to walk away. But she turns and tells him he doesn't believe that, really. She asks him if he wants to be brave, and tells him to take a risk: "Ask me to wait for you. Say those words, and I will." He doesn't say anything, so she gets teary. She says that would take real courage, wouldn't it, and walks off in tears. He watches her go, his own eyes fill with tears, and he whispers -- even more whispery than his usual whisper-talking - "Wait for me. Please." I know we only get tiny doses of their backstories each episode, but those are definitely the pieces keeping me hooked. This show's doing a pretty excellent job balancing CBS's need for procedural dramas with smart TV fans' need for an interesting mythology. Let's just hope they can sustain it, and that they don't take forever to give us a few bigger glimpses than we've gotten in these first few episodes.

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