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"Not Every Ex-Soldier Meets a Reclusive Billionaire"
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No previouslies. Either this show is so procedural it's not necessary, or Finch's wordy intro makes it moot. Anyway, said wordy intro. "... Victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you." (That is, if you live in New York. They're not much for traveling to save people.) First, I have to mention one thing I failed to even notice last week: Some astute forum posters pointed out that during the scene last week where Finch and his business partner bicker about the Machine in 2007, JC's girl Jessica's image flashes on the monitor, which I guess means her number was up, and she would die soon after? Nice continuity. Okay, onto this episode.

Surveillance images (which are getting more tolerable somehow) flash before we open on Finch, asleep on his desk. (About Finch: Because he really is Ben 2.0, I've decided to slightly modify forum poster April May June's name suggestion (Ben + Finch = Binch), and call him Bench. It fits, not just because it's a mashup of his two characters, but also because he's often the guy benched back at the Library while the studly JC gets to shoot, punch, ninja, and otherwise badass his way around New York City saving people. Like now: Bench is asleep when JC slips in and leaves a coffee on his desk. JC, deadly serious, manages some humor this morning. He's brought Bench the classified ads: Since he feels bad for blowing Bench's cover at work, he's been looking for a new job for him: "Dog walker, maybe? Or concert pianist?" Bench is not amused. He snits that he has a job, and so does JC, and the Machine has sent them a new number.

It belongs to Joey Durbin, a soldier in the 107th infantry just back from Afghanistan. He has commendations, including the Purple Heart. A good soldier. Not to put too fine a point on it or anything, but Bench points out that makes him "just like" JC. Hmmm. I wonder if they'll use that to get at JC's backstory this episode? JC says he fought side-by-side with the 107th, most of whom were just kids who enlisted after losing family or friends on 9/11. They grew up fast, or died. Bench says now JC can make sure Joey -- who's a doorman at a building in Midtown -- stays alive. JC says he'll do all the usual things he does when becoming a stalker: phone cloning, follow him, the works. He leaves with a little more humor at Bench's expense: "If you're going to work all night, you should try getting some exercise."

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