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"Try The Eggs Benedict"
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If you were hoping this episode might answer last week's cliffhanger, you'll be disappointed. Of course. So we're left to guess whether JC killed the bad man, or let him go. I'm voting he let him go. So far JC has not seemed willing to kill anyone unless it was necessary (he even said that once). Anyway, opening. Did you know the Machine can calculate your stress percentage? Maybe there can be a spin-off show where a team relieves stress for those folks that the Machine determines have too much.

We open this week with surveillance footage of a hit and run in a parking garage. Then, just like last week, what sounds like a phone call. An accented voice says, "We've got a problem." Cut to Reese eating in a diner when JC walks in and sits down. He asks "What's good here?" And Bench's reply -- "That won't work, Mr. Reese. Your interrogation technique." -- seems to imply JC wasn't invited to eat with Bench. JC says it was an innocent question, but Bench says it was a ploy to find out if Bench comes here often, and so he could try to figure out where Bench lives. Really, Bench, we know how good JC is at tailing people; if he wanted to know where you live, he probably already would. JC says Bench is paranoid, and Bench says he has good reason. JC smirks, "Maybe I just don't know what's good here. So I'm asking a regular." Bench hands JC the menu, puts some cash on the table, takes his copy of It Can't Happen Here, and leaves JC to figure that out for himself. JC's amused, but Bench clearly isn't.

When he opens his menu, though, I get the feeling he was invited to dine with Bench, because there's a picture of the Machine's latest number inside the menu. It's Samuel Gates. JC and Bench fill us in he was born in Boston; has a law degree from NYU; lives on the Upper West Side with his son, Sam; and his wife died of cancer last year. JC spies on them, and wonders about the nanny. Her name's Christina Rojas, and she was hired when the wife fell ill. The kid loves her, and she works long hours because of Judge Sam's long hours. JC psychoanalyzes (or self-analyzes) that he's putting in long hours to cope with losing the woman he loved. Bench says the Machine probably sent his number, because he works as a tough-on-crime city judge, and gets plenty of death threats. JC visits the courtroom and plants a camera on the way out. Bench says they need to determine which of the many death threats Judge Sam's gotten is real. JC says his best bet is to stay close until someone makes a move. Then he finds an envelope of threatening letters in Judge Sam's drawer.

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