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Carter Beats the Devil

Our regular recapper is off on vacation, and honestly, I stopped watching this procedural after three episodes. Even though my beloved Enrico Colantoni is playing a serial killer. But I'm back now, and looks like Ben Linus and JC are still using social security numbers to suss out possible murder victims. Guess not much has changed. Oh, except in this episode Detective Carter's number comes up, and I don't think it's because she's ready to retire from the force. More likely has something to do with the warning that mob boss Don Moretti issued to her about his bastard son/new mob boss Elias's (Enrico!) possible plan.

JC finds out that Carter's got a son, while he's cloning her cell phone, and Finch puts a surveillance device in her car. She may be determined, but she's not a very good detective since she doesn't notice either of them. They also get Fusco to (reluctantly) put a fat cop bobblehead with a camera in it on his desk, so they can gather more intel on Carter and narrow down their list of 300 people who want to kill her. That list includes: Elias (who charmingly leaves sympathy flowers before she "dies"); Hector Alvarez , a gunrunner who killed an informant; and the abusive husband of a battered wife who Carter made it her mission to save. And that's not even counting the Captain and all the other corrupt cops who'd like to see her dead for trying to stop Elias.

Even thought it would make JC's life a lot easier if Carter was dead, he decides to protect her because she's a good person. So he wipes out all of her cases for her (he ties up the abusive husband and forces Alvarez out of hiding), and she gets shot by an informant she'd put on the Elias case. But since this show is obviously not interesting enough to kill a lead this early into the series (boo!), she's wearing a bulletproof vest because JC told her she was in danger. And because JC can't leave well enough alone, he goes and threatens the Captain (and remotely Elias) about going after Carter again.

There's also a flashback to Carter's military past, but it's entirely pointless, except that we see she's a detective with morals and compassion. Yeah, we got that already.

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