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You are being watched, and all that. This time, with Alan Dale. Then a surveillance image of him pops up as surveillance audio gives us a conversation to "Assume he knows everything." Lots of IDs and stories come up that obviously pertain to him. Then he exits the train station at Grand Central, where a young, blond guy is waiting for him with a photo of a much-younger-looking Alan Dale. But Dale's smart enough to hide behind someone and slip by his greeter.

Library. Bench sees JC coming with two cups and tells him its okay -- he doesn't drink coffee. But JC knows that, duh. He brought him sencha green tea. Bench is a little worried that JC's paying so much attention, but JC tells him to relax, it's just tea. He hasn't guessed Bench's favorite color yet. But onto business. The Number of the week is Wallace Negel, who hasn't made a single financial transaction in his own name since 1987. That's a little odd. They wonder where he's been and why he's back. JC doesn't think Negel exists; it's a Spycraft 101 alias, boring life, blah, blah. Bench says Negel purchased a cemetery plot shortly before he disappeared, and it's still there. JC wonders why someone who doesn't exist needs a cemetery plot, and Bench is like, "Right?!" Like a teenager girl. Then he heads out to find someone who can find them pre-digital information.

At a bookstore, he meets up with Austin Pendleton, who gives him some books, but Bench wants more, so he gets threatening about some Russian submarine schematics that the bookstore owner sold back to the Soviets last year. Bench wants to see them. He tells him it would be hard to run this store from prison, wouldn't it? The bookstore owner's definitely listening. In fact, he takes Bench directly to a file on Wallace Negel, and talks about how the Stasi had all sort of information on everyone -- including sweat and body odor samples. The bookstore owner says Negel's team hunted down East German defectors and neutralized them before they could talk. JC, meanwhile, is at the cemetery plot, which has been freshly dug up. He finds a coin in the hole that seems to tell him something.

Bench gets back to the Library and fills JC in via telephone on what they found. Wallace Negel is a guy named Ulrich Kohl, who was married to a lady named Anja, who worked as a Stasi secretary. She was killed in a car accident in 1987. In 1989, the Stasi no longer exists and Kohl was never heard from again. JC tells Bench he's here now, because he dug up the buried stash at Negel's cemetery plot. JC says if it was anything like the stashes he used to bury, it would have contained weapons and definitely money. Bench says it seems Kohl the spy is back.

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