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"Who Are You? Why Are You Here?"
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Before we get started with the weecap, I wanted to tell those who didn't bother Googling it themselves that our episode title, Cura Te Ipsum, means "Cure yourself." How profound. Anyway, Bench opens us up with his usual, long-winded opening: He acted because the government wouldn't, blah, blah. He needed a hot partner to sell it to a network, and... Ta! Da!... JC! Surveillance image opening segues into surveillance image transitions as a girl's quivering voice says, "Every time I close my eyes, I see him. He won't stop. Maybe I'm already dead."

Cut to an ambulance, and Lindsay Weir reliving her days on ER as she directs some paramedics on where to deliver a guy on a stretcher. She walks around and appears really busy, just so we know she's a Superdoc! Then someone reminds her that some guy's been waiting for four hours. She opens a curtain, and it's Bench. He tells her he'd like some painkillers, but his doctor's off golfing in the Caymans. She looks at some X-rays that depict spinal-fusion surgery he had a couple years ago, then offers him other treatments. He's not interested, nor will he tell her how he was injured. She goes ahead and gives him the prescription, which gives him time to swap a cloned pager for hers. The new one beeps, though, so we get that it still works with her number. Then he turns and does something to the camera in the room so no one will know what he did.

JC spies on our doctor as Bench narrates who she is: the latest number, obviously. But also a single doctor named Megan Tillman who works eighty hours a week. JC watches her buy a burger and fries at a cart, then bump into a guy who watches her as she walks away. She has no known enemies, and everyone seems to like her, which gives them no clues so far as to why the Machine spit out her number. JC watches as she leaves work for the night. Her friends invite her out, but she says she's too tired and heads home. JC says he'll have to watch her around the clock to find out what kind of trouble she's in. As he's spying into her bathroom window that night (could he be any creepier?), she gets made up and ready to go out. This is where JC would stroke his shaggy beard if he still had it, and say, "Hmmm. How curious." (In my imagination, he would also be British.)

At the bar, JC watches a guy hit on her. She quickly rejects him, but JC spots a gun and freaks out. He follows the gun-toting skeeve into the bathroom, throws him on the ground and opens his coat. The "gun" he spotted was just a fancy cell phone holster. The funniest part is that the guy -- not really a looker -- starts squealing, "Please! Not my face! Please!" at JC when he throws him down in the bathroom. As if his face is really worth that much worrying. Now JC's face? Is a different story. JC heads back out to the club and watches Dr. Tillman bump into the same guy from the food cart earlier. JC bumps into him and steals his wallet. He discovers his name is Andrew Benton, and that he has roofies. JC thinks they've found the threat. But since we're only five minutes into the episode, I wouldn't bet on it being wrapped up quite yet.

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