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So, newspapers have several different ways of saying, "Oops, we fucked up," each of which represents various levels of admittance to culpability. A "retraction" is the most extreme. They printed something really, really bad about somebody that turned out to be completely untrue and libelous, and they're taking it back in the hopes they don't get sued for a million dollars. And sometimes it turns out to be absolutely true but pisses off an important advertiser, and the publisher makes them do it so they don't lose millions of dollars in revenue. Then there's a "correction." This is a detail about somebody that is untrue, but not libelous or dangerous. But the person and all of his friends called and bitched out the newspaper for getting it wrong. And finally, there's a "clarification." This is a mistake that isn't specifically about a person who could actually complain and demand to talk to an editor, but somebody noticed it and whined. They call it a "clarification" because it allows them to fix the error without actually admitting they were wrong. See, it was just a little confusing and they're setting the record straight.

That said, I'd like to issue a "clarification" regarding the recap of the pilot last week. In the opening scene, I described the part where Lily is driving away from City Hall and is looking at something off-frame that we don't see. Well, it turns out, some more observant people might have noted that we actually do see what Lily sees. What she sees is a girl that looks just like her in another car going the other way. And the other girl looks back at her. I didn't realize it was another girl. I thought we were just changing camera angles periodically, because, well, the show refused to settle on a single camera angle for more than three seconds. But if you look carefully, you'll see that the two girls are wearing totally different hats. Props to blixie for pointing this out on the forums. I totally missed it, and I watched that scene six times for the recapping. MBTV regrets any confusion. Okay, not really. They just make us say that.

Confidential to Diane K.: Clarity in visual storytelling is far more important that arty camera angles.

Rather than having a "Previously on Pasadena" montage, Lily narrates a brief description explaining who all the Greeleys are and their various dysfunctions. I don't see much point of recapping it. It concludes with a look back at Lily's encounter with crazy Phillip Parker, and his subsequent suicide in the dining room of the McMansion.

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