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Anal rape is funny

Props to whoever is recapping the latest episode of Dark Angel. I caught the last ten minutes of it before Pasadena, and what they did at the end was just stupid. I would tear my hair out if I had to recap that.

Previously: Henry told Lily that his parents were dead, but told Catherine that his mom was alive and asked for help finding her; Will broke the news to Robert that he wouldn't be inheriting the family newspaper, while Catherine broke Jayleen's windshield with a bat; Nate told Lily that Meredith Weller was last seen at the Greeley household, not with Phillip Parker; Nate lied to Beth that he wasn't on drugs.

We fade in on a stone lion statue located somewhere in the offices of The Sun. George "T. Herman" Greeley voice-overs a long, dull speech to his board members about the history of the newspaper in an attempt to build up dramatic tension to his naming of Will as the new publisher, which falls utterly flat because we've already known this for two episodes. In the meeting, the camera pans across to show us Robert "Unfortunate Son" Greeley, Will "Father of the Brood" McAllister, and Lillian "Tree" Greeley in attendance. Robert looks like he just found out he has herpes. Although George will be stepping down as publisher, he'll still be sitting on the board of directors, blah blah blah we-already-know-this-cakes. He finally names Will as his successor. Cut to images of Robert sitting in despair in the remains of his trashed office, while Will mildly celebrates by bopping along to his car radio as he drives home.

At the McMansion, Henry "Pretty Boy Blue" Bellow(s) is showing Catherine "Apple" Greeley McAllister a home movie of the woman Henry believes to be his mother, filmed fifteen years ago. Oops, she doesn't look anything like Carly Simon as I said last episode. She's got long blonde hair but looks rather down to earth. I would say she looks like Kim Carnes, but I did some research to find out what Kim looks like these days and yikes. You're not supposed to mummify people until after they die. Anyway, Henry's (alleged) mother looks like Kim Carnes did at the height of her fame. Henry says he's been looking for this woman for weeks but hasn't gotten anywhere. So I guess those photos he took last episode weren't of the same woman. Catherine tells Henry that she needs more information if he wants her help. Henry explains that, though he and his brother were told that their mother was long dead, he's uncovered evidence that she had been secretly sending his father checks to help raise the boys. The envelopes had no return addresses, but were postmarked in Pasadena. Catherine asks if she can keep the tape for a little while. Henry agrees, but asks her to keep it all a secret. His brother can't know about the search because he hates their mom. Catherine asks why, and Henry explains that she married young (eh, she looks at least thirty-five in that video, and I'm being generous), and that their dad had "problems" (which aren't explained). Henry admits that he doesn't really know why she left them, and that's why he wants to find her. I don't think he's going to find an answer that makes him feel any better, unless it turns out that she went out to the mall, got struck on the head, got total amnesia and forgot that her family existed, started a new life, and then found out later and was sending checks out of guilt. Catherine asks if perhaps the woman doesn't want to be found; Henry responds that he doesn't care what she wants.

Catherine escorts Henry out as he asks her again not to tell anybody about this. Catherine agrees, and changes to subject to Lily's recent behavior. She tells Henry that ever since Lily met him, she's been treating Catherine with distrust and suspicion. She tells Henry that she hopes she can prove that he can trust her. Then she leans in and gives him a hug. After an awkward moment, Henry returns it. As Catherine starts to pull back, it looks for one brief second like she's going to kiss him on the neck, but then thinks better of it.

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