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Bailey And Charlie Strike Back

Previously on Pasadena: Robert thought he'd be inheriting the job of publisher of The Los Angeles Sun from his dad, but he's wrong, wrong, wrong; Beth had sex with a Jew; Nate got beaten up by thugs; Catherine was vaguely threatening towards Henry; Henry wondered aloud to Lily why Catherine was trying to hide her former relationships with Phillip Parker and Meredith Weller; John Walsh warned us all about the world's most dangerous terrorists; and a bunch of men in tight pants ran around waving sticks and throwing balls. Those last two are more like "instead ofs" rather than "previously ons."

We open up this episode with somebody trying to take our picture. Dude, don't even ask me to smile. I have bad teeth. It's Henry "Bailey" Bellows, working on his "Great Homes Of Pasadena" mystery project. Even if he doesn't find who he's looking for, he's got a potential coffee-table book here. There's no point letting all the work go to waste. Henry sees some woman coming out of a house and getting in her car. He surreptitiously takes her picture. And by "surreptitiously," I mean that he stands out there right on the sidewalk and shoots her while the woman pretends that she doesn't notice him.

Meanwhile, Catherine "The Great (Big Crazy Lady)" Greeley McAllister is driving Lily "Velma" Greeley McAllister around, and they're discussing Nate's attack from last episode. Apparently, Lily has been told that it was some random act of violence rather than the truth, which is that Robert hired some thugs to beat Nate up for stealing Catherine's bracelet. Lily sees Henry and asks Catherine to pull over. Lily gets out and calls out to him. Henry sees her, and his face goes carefully blank. He definitely looks like he didn't want to run into her. Lily asks him what he's up to. He lies that he's not really doing anything, which is all rather silly because Lily knows about his photography project. And if they want to convince us that Henry's taking photographs of the homes of the rich, then perhaps they should have picked a neighborhood with prettier lawns than this. I see a lot of brown patches.

As the two of them are chatting, we cut to Catherine's point of view from inside the car. The camera meaningfully zooms in on Henry, who smiles while talking to Lily and generally looks all cute so we get that Catherine might be "getting ideas." As if the commercials declaring "sin is in" while showing this scene didn't give us a big clue (and are, coincidentally, the same teaser line for the new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous coming to the Comedy Channel). Lily leads Henry over to the car to ask Catherine if Henry can come over and go swimming. Catherine regards Henry for a moment, realizing that, like a praying mantis, perhaps she can have some fun with Henry before biting his head clean off. Then she smiles and says, "Of course he can."

We cut to the McMansion's McPool. Lily floats on a little raft thingy while Henry sits poolside. As he takes off his shirt, Catherine comes out to ask him if he wants to borrow a pair of swim trunks as an excuse to sneak looks at his lithe young body. Henry declines. Catherine, trying to find ways to continue looking at Henry's lithe young body without making him suspicious, asks him if he wants anything to drink. Lily says she'd like some lemonade. Henry agrees. Catherine heads toward the house, stopping to give Henry's lithe young body one more look before she goes. After she leaves, Henry looks back in her direction with slight trepidation. Whether he suspects Catherine's game or not is unclear.

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