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We Gather Together

Previously on Party of Five: Kirsten had good news about her potential pregnancy. Bailey hooked up with a woman, then found out she's married. The writers tried to manufacture sexual tension between Julia and Evan. Claudia got assaulted by a kid named Derrick at a party. Charlie was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with Myra.

Charlie is meeting with the principal of his school about the Myra situation. He is impatient that the process seems to be at a standstill. The principal (Mary Anne) thinks he should be grateful that Sylvia (Myra's mom) hasn't filed charges. Charlie says he shouldn't be grateful for anything, since the whole thing is a lie. Mary Ann tells Charlie that Sylvia will drop the whole thing if Charlie resigns from his teaching position. Charlie keeps saying that he didn't do anything wrong. Charlie, we got that. I don't think that's what the principal is getting at here. The principal pretty much says that she believes him but that it doesn't matter, and explains that she needs to look at what's best for Charlie and for the school, and offers Charlie a severance package. Charlie feels that resigning will be an admission of guilt. Mary Anne says it won't be, because no one will ever know what happened since no charges have been filed. Charlie points out (again!) that nothing happened, and that his innocence should matter for something. Mary Anne says that if the charges go public, parents will believe it. She also points out that everybody wants to be closer to free. Or the Bodeans do, actually.

Julia comes downstairs in what is apparently Evan's house, wearing only a man's shirt and socks. This would not be a big deal, except that there is a guy sitting there who is about Julia's age, wearing an ugly-ass orange shirt, and Julia is startled. She asks who he is and why he's there. He says he lives there. Julia puts two and two together, and says, "You're Evan's son?" He notes that Julia is wearing Evan's shirt, so Julia introduces herself and tries to ascertain whether Evan has said anything about her to his son. Evan's son says that Evan didn't tell her anything, because he didn't tell anyone he was coming home. He has apparently passed the time by reading Julia's manuscript, and he asks her how she managed to fill up all those pages when she's only about his age. Evan comes in and kisses Julia, before noticing his son sitting there. We find out that his son's name is Brian, and Evan asks if he's home for Thanksgiving. Brian says he's home for good, since he dropped out of college. Evan asks if he knows when the deadline for tuition refund is, which seems like kind of a strange thing to ask. I think my parents' first statement in that situation would be, "Are you out of your mind?" or possibly, "I hope you haven't unpacked yet, because we're driving you back right now." Brian asks his dad if it's all about the money. Evan points out that Brian has accumulated "three schools, three years' tuition, how many credits? Zero." Julia looks like she really doesn't want to be there. Evan says Brian is destroying his college career out of spite. Brian doesn't know why he's there, since Evan's "too busy sleeping with other people's kids to care about his own." I think that line would have been more effective if the emphasis was changed to, "too busy sleeping with other people's kids to care about his own." See, what I really want to do is direct.

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