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Too Cool For School

Gus comes to the furniture factory, and Charlie comments that he hasn't been around for a while. Gus babbles about all the things he's able to do now that he doesn't have to run the factory, like take his grandson to a baseball game. Then, Gus tells Charlie that he's gotten an offer from a company called "Standard Home Furnishings" for his company. Could the writers have come up with a more bland, corporate-sounding name? I guess it could have been "Acme Furniture," so I should count my blessings. Charlie points out that his company has beat out SHF for some jobs, and wonders if that's why they are making the offer now, but then realizes that Gus is seriously considering the offer. Charlie acts all injured that Gus never mentioned selling the place before, but Gus says he didn't think he could get the right price. Charlie's still injured that Gus asked him to run the place and now he's going to sell, like Gus owes him anything. I forgot, the world revolves around Charlie. My bad. Gus points out that the new company will likely make Charlie a very generous offer to stay on. Charlie goes on and on about all the plans he had for new furniture lines, and Gus tells him he will still be able to go through with his plans, and it might even be easier because the new company has "deep pockets." Gus asks Charlie to trust him. Charlie gazes off into the middle distance, where he sees a factory worker using a router to carve the following words into a piece of wood: "Everybody wants to be closer to free."

Victor is around, so Owen is let out of the basement. Victor is teaching Owen how to make candy. Claudia enters the kitchen and overhears Owen asking Victor to come into his class for show and tell. As much as it has been shown on television, I never, ever had to bring a person into class for show and tell. Ever. I used to bring like a pretty fall leaf or a new toy, but never a person. Apparently, Owen needs to bring someone in to tell his or her life story. Victor doesn't think his story would be very interesting. Well, no duh! He's in his early twenties. How much interesting stuff could have happened? Really, it would be like, "I was born, I went to school, I came out, I became a nanny." As far as we know, anyway. Owen keeps whining and begging and Victor says no, and then takes the chocolate off the burner and walks out kind of quickly. Claudia offers to take Victor's place, but Owen tells her that would be boring. Dude, she just got dissed by her basement-dwelling brother! Claudia seems concerned about Victor's hasty departure.

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Party of Five




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