Party of Five
The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Previously on Party of Five: Again with Gus giving Charlie the go-ahead to build his furniture designs. Julia convinces Adam to apply to college, and says she will help him with his spelling and grammar. Luke moves in with Daphne, prompting sanctimonious Charlie to tell her she's not a responsible parent. Bailey drinks a beer, and then it foams all over and he doesn't even care because he's a rebel.

Bailey is sitting at a laptop, and he tells Joe he's trying to get the "carrots to balance." Is this some new video game, like "Burger Time"? It must be hard to get carrots to balance, since they're kind of pointy on one end. Anyway, Bailey says it has something to do with the fact that "profits are down." He quickly tells Joe that it's "nothing against [him]," but that the software is "buggy." What kind of software would have bugs that cause profits to be down? Seriously, have the writers ever used computers? Joe laments that he and computers are a worse match than he and Franny were. Bailey notices that all the expenses got entered twice, and tries to figure out why. Joe says he'll "save [him] some time" and promises to pay back "every cent." Apparently, he got himself into a "short-term jam." Bailey looks astonished at Joe's betrayal and asks how much money he took and Joe tells him he doesn't even know, but all Bailey has to do is add up all the double expenses. Bailey does the math and asks Joe what kind of jam he could be in, that would force him to steal money from them. Joe says the legal bills from his divorce added up. Bailey says, "So you just took the money?" Joe says he had an even better idea and starts babbling about how he invested the money in the stock market and apparently lost it all because "the options expire." I don't know a lot about the stock market, but I don't know what he's talking about with options expiring. Has anyone on the writing staff ever heard of doing a little bit of research before trying to write on a topic they clearly don't understand? I think they have just thrown in the towel on this show. They're not even trying anymore. Bailey says that they need the money, or the restaurant might go under, and his family depends on the income. Otherwise, they might have to go out and get (gasp!) jobs. Joe offers to tell the family what he has done, but Bailey says his family has enough to deal with, especially with Griffin's hospital bills and all. I'm glad someone else remembers that plot line. Bailey feels like it's his fault for not being on top of things. Joe says he is the one to blame. Bailey says he will handle it and stares at his balancing carrots, and then his screensaver starts up, and it's a line of scrolling text that reads, "Everybody wants to be closer to free."

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