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One For The Road

Daphne and Charlie are sitting at a picnic table on the playground, while Daphne explains all the day care options on the base in Texas. Remember? Luke got transferred to Texas and Daphne is going with him, and she wants to take Diana. Anyway, Daphne goes on about her scheduling plans, and how Diana will spend a month with her and then fly back to spend a month in the basement. Charlie can't agree with her plan, of course, since he didn't come up with it, and proposes that Diana stay with him until Daphne and Luke get settled. Then he and Kirsten and Diana will come down for a visit, because Daphne can't be trusted alone with her own child even though she has proved time and time again that she has changed and is capable of handling things. Daphne starts to protest, but then Luke comes over with Diana (since he's the only one who pays attention to her anyway for all the talking these two do). Luke tells them that everybody wants to be closer to free.

Bailey is in the kitchen getting ready to go to work. The rest of this paragraph is largely my interpretation of what happened, so don't take it too literally. Claudia and Julia ask him what he is doing. Bailey says he's going to work to support their asses. And drink some beer, because it's free there and he doesn't have to worry about hiding the bottles. Plus, he doesn't really want to talk to his sisters because he thinks they are going to yell at him for missing the meeting with the accountant. Claudia says they aren't going to yell, and they realize that Bailey saved their butts using his own money, so they have arranged for him to have a day off. Owen is locked in the basement where he belongs. I think Will is down there too. Remember Will? Doesn't he live there? Where has he been? Anyway, Claudia and Julie tell Bailey to relax and enjoy himself. If they only knew.

Julia, Adam, Justin and Laura are coming out of American Beauty and discussing what they thought. Julia and Justin both loved it. They're soulmates! Oh wait, that comes later. Laura hated it. Adam says he doesn't like to talk about movies for twenty-four hours after seeing them so he can avoid making rash judgments. Dude, it's a movie, not a death sentence. You're allowed to change your mind! Julia and Justin are totally hitting it off and Laura can barely get a word in edgewise to ask if anyone wants to get some food. Julia suggests "Elmo's Diner." Laura wants to eat somewhere that offers "a salad." Most diners have salad, don't they? It might not be fresh, and it probably only has one kind of lettuce, but it still qualifies. Julia and Justin discuss how great the chili fries are at the diner, and Laura is feeling all left out so she agrees to go. Julia and Justin rudely take off, leaving Adam and Laura to tag along. I'll bet Justin is going to get quite the motivational speech from Laura when they get home.

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Party of Five




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