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Getting There

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Getting There

Previously on Party of Five: Kirsten informed Charlie that she was pregnant, not depressed. Claudia kissed Todd. Julia kissed Adam. Holly came to visit Bailey.

Julia and Adam are working on some stories while sitting on his bed. Julia is using her laptop, but Adam has to write his stories out longhand because he's poor. Julia notes that Adam is "on a roll" and has been for "about six hours." Adam asks Julia if she is stuck and Julia says she's not but that she "needs an ending." Adam reminds her that the deadline is Friday, but since we don't know what day it is currently on the show, that really doesn't have any meaning. A song that sounds like "Black Magic Woman" by Santana is playing in the background except a woman is singing it. I went to the official show site to try to find out who the artist was, but clearly they have given up on this loser show because they haven't updated since the Thanksgiving episode. Anyway, suffice to say that the song is clearly intended to give a sex vibe. Adam keeps babbling about the "lit magazine" while Julia just stares at him. He gives her a funny look and asks what's going on with her. Julia pushes the laptop aside and reminds him that when "the whole thing with Justin happened" (which was last week, so how could he not remember?), they agreed to take things slow and "let things develop." Adam agrees. Julia says that for her, "things have developed." Adam takes the hint and climbs on top of Julia and they start doing it, practically. Just before Adam's notebook falls to the floor, we see that last sentence he wrote was "Help me!" in big block letters. Just before Julia's laptop crashes to the floor, we see the last sentence she typed in her story was this: "Everybody wants to be closer to free."

Bailey and Holly are walking down the street after just seeing a movie. I couldn't figure out what movie they were talking about, but apparently it won a lot of awards. Holly points out that the woman was "nothing but a shrew" and Bailey says, "she sure could sell, though" and wonders if he would be good at sales. Holly wonders why the only character he liked was the drug dealer. Then Bailey wonders if he would be a good military man, like the father in the movie. ["I'm going to guess that's American Beauty. Drug dealer=Wes Bentley. Military man=Chris Cooper. Shrew=Annette Bening." -- Wing Chun] Holly laughs at the thought, and Bailey says he was just kidding, sort of. Holly tells him to relax because everywhere they go, Bailey is like "cable car driver, bank teller, street mime, would that be a good job for me?" Ooh, I think he should be a street mime. No dialogue! Bailey says he has his whole future to figure out, since the series got cancelled. I bet that was what Scott Wolf was thinking anyway. Holly says she knows it's important. Bailey finishes for her: "Just give it a rest." Holly asks if he could, just for one night. Bailey jokingly says that it's only been three and a half dates and she's sick of him already. Holly is surprised to hear him call them dates, since he never has before. Bailey says he just wasn't sure and Holly finishes, "About us?" Can these two let each other finish their own sentences once in a while? Bailey says his doubts are about his professional future, not his personal one and Holly's all, "Give me a kiss." Just as they are about to make out right on the street, we hear Oliver saying "'Allo Guvnor!" Okay, it's really Holly's sister Fiona, who has a totally different British accent than Holly like I guess they were raised in different parts of the country or something. Fiona's all cockney and saying things like "fiver." Anyway, she wants Holly to pay for her cab.

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