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Previously on Party of Five: Bailey caught the bouquet and then he and Holly had a really ambiguous scene where they might have broken up, and might not have. Charlie told off his boss, and then his boss agreed to produce Charlie's furniture designs. Claudia wanted to go right to college because she was sick of high school, but we all know it's really about her assault.

Claudia is packing a suitcase in her bedroom. Bailey comes in to thank her for checking Owen's homework and asks her what's up with the suitcase. Claudia says she's getting ready to leave for her East Coast college trip in the morning. Bailey says he knew that she was planning to go visit colleges, but he thought she was waiting a few weeks so that he could go with her. Claudia says she called the colleges and found out that she can get in midyear if she applies right away, so her trip is urgent. Julia enters the room wearing a really ugly poncho. First of all, why is she wearing a poncho inside? Second, why is she wearing a poncho at all? ["The poncho is all over the FOX primetime schedule. No, sir, I don't like it." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Julia asks about the suitcase and Bailey fills her in on Claudia's plans. Julia says she thought she was going to go with Claudia, and that they were going to visit Justin at Yale. Bailey says he thought he was going with Claudia. Claudia says that she's going alone, and Bailey tells her she can't do that. Claudia informs him that she has already bought the plane tickets (with what money?) and Bailey tells her to change them. Claudia says she has already made appointments for tours and meetings at the colleges. Julia says she will use the miles she accumulated when she went to Europe to buy a ticket, and goes off to do just that. She stops in the doorway to mention how excited she is about taking a trip with Claudia. Claudia does not look excited at all. She looks the opposite of excited, and then she mentions that everybody wants to be closer to free.

A random factory worker comes up to Charlie and gives him a status update. Being the manufacturing savant that he is, Charlie makes a simple suggestion that is going to save everyone's collective ass. While discussing it, his cellular phone rings, and the guy asks him if he is going to answer it, and then walks off. Before leaving, the factory worker calls Charlie "Charles" which was weird. Like, are they trying to say that he goes by "Charles" at work, or did this actor get this walk-on part and try to think of a way to make himself memorable, and that was the best he could do? Anyway, Kirsten is on the phone, and she tells Charlie that she found out that their insurance will cover 90% of her laparoscopic surgery, so they can finally afford it. Kirsten says that the doctor told her that, after the surgery, Kirsten can have a baby the "old-fashioned way," by just letting it happen. Charlie tells her she should schedule the surgery right away. Kirsten asks him if he has started work on his designs for the upcoming design expo. Charlie says that he hasn't yet, but that Kirsten shouldn't worry, and that she should call "Dr. Vasquez." Every time they refer to this doctor during the episode, they call him "Dr. Vasquez" instead of just "the doctor" or "your doctor," which cynical old me takes as being a way to pacify the people who want better minority representation on television shows. Like giving a doctor an ethnic name makes it all better. Whatever, FOX.

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