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Call Your Agents, People

Charlie is just hanging up the phone as Bailey walks into the office at the furniture factory. Bailey tells Charlie he was just down on the floor "leaning on Mitch" when he got a call on his cell phone. Charlie guesses that the caller told Bailey that Ambruso Furniture is going under. Bailey is worried that Ambruso failed, because their company is very similar, and what if it means that they can't make it either. Charlie was thinking the same thing. They both realize that on the other hand, this means that all of Ambruso's accounts are up for grabs. Charlie points out that one of their biggest accounts was Jason Kimball, and they "need to get in a room with that guy." He and Bailey get excited about the prospect of all these big juicy accounts, and Charlie suggests they put together a bid proposal before setting up a meeting. I can't believe this is the first scene of the next-to-last show. This is the most exciting teaser they could come up with? Bailey starts delegating tasks, and then realizes that this is supposed to be Charlie's free night with Kirsten. Charlie is prepared to blow it off, but Bailey tells him to go home and he can take care of it. Charlie thought Bailey was supposed to do something with Will and Holly. Bailey says it was just a movie, and it's no big deal, and says they are going to nail this. Charlie says that then they will go after all of Ambruso's other accounts as he heads home. Bailey heads out the door carrying a file folder, and on the tab is written, "Everybody wants to be closer to free."

Julia is meeting with her faculty advisor. She sits in a chair and sips on a mug of something. My advisors never offer me a mug of something! Anyway, the advisor wants to know if Julia is going to leave now that she has her Associate's degree, or if she's going to continue on for the Bachelor's. Julia didn't realize that people left with just an Associate's. Me neither! Most people I know who went to school for writing got a Master's! The advisor says that some students leave because they have book contracts or journalism jobs. She asks if Julia has a new book contract, writing job or editing position. Julia says she doesn't have anything lined up right now. The advisor asks if that means she wants to stay and work on her new book. Julia says she would if there were a new book to work on. The advisor points out that she's talked about a lot of story ideas in class. Julia says she's started lots of things. The advisor asks her if they are short stories. Julia says they are "more like incoherent ramblings." The advisor asks what that means then, does she want to "stay put or move on?" Julia says that's a very good question. If you think that was a meta-reference to the show ending, it was.

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