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Previously on Party of Five: Kirsten's not pregnant. Claudia tells Julia that she was assaulted. Julia encourages her to report it. Alexa tells Claudia that reporting it is a bad idea.

Bailey is having dinner with some random girl at Salinger's. The girl looks like Susan from Eight is Enough, and she is laughing hysterically at something Bailey said. Bailey says he didn't even tell a joke. The phone rings and Bailey gets up to answer it, saying "A restaurant owner's work is never done," and his date laughs at that too. Bailey asks Joe to talk to him without laughing. Joe cracks a joke, but Bailey has noticed that Tracy (his married girlfriend) has walked in. I seriously almost just called her Maggie, because of the nearly identical storyline on Felicity. Anyway, Bailey asks her if they had made plans, and Tracy says they didn't, but she was bored and stopped by. Bailey looks at Susan from Eight is Enough, who glances back at him, and then tells Tracy it's a busy night. Tracy suggests they take "ten minutes" and "check out the wine cellar." Bailey turns her down and she says, "Your loss." Well, don't we think a lot of ourselves? Joe just shakes his head. Bailey returns to the table and Susan from Eight is Enough asks if the woman was someone else he is dating. Bailey says that it was, and asks if that's a problem. Susan from Eight is Enough says no, and starts laughing again. Bailey rolls his eyes and says that everybody wants to be closer to free.

Hey! They got new credits! Why would they do that mid-season? I miss the shot of Julia holding Owen and whirling around. Of course, that was three Owens ago.

Charlie and Kirsten are getting dressed in the morning. We discover that it's nearly Charlie's thirtieth birthday, and he says he doesn't want a party. Kirsten starts talking about how they can have a smallish party with just family at home, and have pasta for dinner. Then Kirsten says, "Duck season." Charlie says, "Rabbit season." Kirsten says, "Rabbit season" and Charlie says, "Duck season." So suddenly Charlie wants a big party instead. Oh, the reverse psychology lessons you can learn from Looney Tunes. At the end of the scene, Kirsten hands Charlie a syringe and says, "I'm ready for my medicine, doctor. Are you ready for yours?" I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

At school, Claudia and her popular friends are having a homecoming committee meeting on the lawn. Stephanie Tanner clearly let Uncle Jesse pick out her outfit today; it is a really ugly purple sweater over a pink shirt. Alexa, the leader of the committee, asks Claudia for a refreshment report. Claudia is daydreaming, but finally responds that she was "thinking maybe crudités, but then I figured it was a chip and dip kind of crowd." Was she kidding with the crudités? She couldn't just say vegetables? As she is talking, Derek approaches and sits down. He interrupts her to give a report on the music. He and Cameron found "a killer DJ at that underground club in the Haight." Then for no reason, they all start wrestling, so Claudia gets up and leaves. ["I think I know the reason." -- Wing Chun]

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