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Don't Let Go

Previously, on Party of Five: Bailey proposed to Sarah, who looked distressed. Charlie proposed to Kirsten, who said yes. Sarah said she can't be engaged right now, because she's only nineteen. Julia has had some bad relationships with men, and asked, "Where is Julia?" Charlie asked Bailey to be his best man, and to help him plan the perfect wedding.

All the Salingers are unloading stuff from a truck in an alleyway. Owen is carrying a gold plaster cherub. Julia asks Bailey why they changed the location again, which is how we find out the props are for Charlie and Kirsten's wedding. Bailey says that this place, a theater, just became available, and Charlie talks about how beautiful it is. Julia says she thought this place was going to be gutted and sold, and Bailey says it is, but not for another two weeks. At this point, I was wondering why you would want to have a wedding in a place that looks practically condemned. Plus, didn't Ross and Emily already do that on Friends? Kirsten and Claudia are struggling to unload a giant pillar, which Bailey tells them represents the stages of romantic love. Claudia asks if the minister knows how to find the place, and Bailey says they don't need a minister, because it's a tech, not a rehearsal. A tech for a wedding? Oh, dear Lord. Bailey needs to lose the clipboard and take it down a notch.

Sarah comes up and asks why they are all waiting if Bailey has a key to the place. Bailey says he has a key, but it doesn't work, so he has put a call in to security and is waiting for someone to show up. This whole conversation is filled with even more awkward pauses than the typical Party of Five dialogue, so I'm guessing all is not well with these two. A guy with a cage full of doves approaches Bailey and says that he can't release the doves in a theater. Bailey argues with him as a security guard arrives and reveals that the theater has been sealed off due to "foundation cracks" and won't be re-opened for at least a couple of months. Claudia shows off her positive attitude by declaring the whole thing "a nightmare," since the wedding is only four days away. Charlie says they have plenty of time, as he and Kirsten fumble for a replacement venue and come up with the backyard. Julia agrees and Sarah chimes in, "You've done it before." Heh. Bailey says no, not the backyard because it's "rotten luck for a wedding. Charlie, Julia, am I right?" which is kind of funny as well. At least the writers are acknowledging the family's wedding history. Bailey argues that (he hopes) this is the last time they will get married, so it should feel that way. Call me crazy, but doesn't this family own a restaurant, which might be a good setting for a wedding and reception? Just checking. Everyone agrees and they start to load everything back on the trucks. During the credits, I realize that Julia's hair didn't look that bad last season.

Charlie and Kirsten are at the airport and Kirsten says her dad promised not to discuss his disapproval of the wedding -- a promise he keeps for all of three minutes. Besides being painfully thin, Kirsten is wearing white stockings. At least, I think those were white stockings. If not, she needs to invest in some self-tanner, STAT! She spots her parents, and her mom (Ellie) declares that Kirsten is "lit from within." Her dad (Gene) looks like he's been sucking on lemons. They awkwardly say hello to Charlie, and Ellie tries to smooth everything over by telling Charlie that Gene is feeling a bit off because the airline beef bourguignon bogs him down. Too much information, Ellie!

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