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Bye, Bye, Love

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Bye, Bye, Love

Charlie and Kirsten arrive home. Kirsten is talking about all the kids she has at her clinic, and it doesn't help that her boss doesn't have an assistant right now. Pay attention, because that's important later. Charlie yells hello to Daphne, and gets a hello back. Either Daphne's got a bad cold or had a sex change, because the person saying hello is definitely male. Charlie and Kirsten enter the kitchen to see a man feeding Diana -- hey, it's Ricky Vasquez from My So-Called Life! On this show, he's going to be called Victor though. Victor introduces himself and says he was supposed to be a surprise, and that Daphne told him all about Kirsten. Kirsten looks a little weirded out by that, and Daphne comes barreling into the house, yelling to Victor until she realizes Charlie and Kirsten are home and she's probably in trouble. She tells them that she got fired, and that she had to hire Victor to watch Diana while she looks for a job. She says, "He is like, the new millennium Mary Poppins." Daphne says she's flat broke, and Charlie says he wishes she would tell them when stuff like that happens. He writes her a check and asks if it's enough. She looks at it, looks at Victor and says, "Could you make it two?" Two thousand? From what I've heard, that wouldn't even pay one month's rent in San Francisco, much less pay for a nanny too! Cue credits.

Bailey and Owen are eating breakfast as Julia enters the kitchen. She takes the toast out of Bailey's hand and talks about how she's always late and yells to Claudia to hurry up. Claude comes rushing through the kitchen after her and takes Bailey's other piece of toast. Heh. The phone rings, and Bailey answers it. It's for Sarah, and he yells to her, but she has entered the room and is standing behind him. He says it's Mindy someone and she says she'll take it upstairs, so she clearly doesn't want him to hear. We see her upstairs on the phone writing down an address. Bailey didn't get the hint, since he is hovering in the doorway, and when she hangs up, asks who Mindy is. After avoiding the question a bit, Sarah reveals that Mindy is her birth mother's best friend. Bailey is confused, since Sarah hasn't really tried to research her past since she found out her birth mother died. Sarah says that she looked in some old high school yearbooks and found Mindy in a picture with her birth mother, so she made some calls and Mindy called back. Bailey had no idea she was doing this. Sarah says that Julia's book made her think about her parents. Bailey wonders why she didn't tell him about it. Sarah takes a deep breath and says that up until now, there really wasn't anything to tell, plus Bailey was a little less than supportive before. Bailey says she should be careful, and Sarah says under her breath, "Here it comes..." Bailey stops, and instead says that he wants to help her.

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Party of Five




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