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Charlie comes into the apartment to find Kirsten looking upset on the couch. He apologizes for being late due to Bailey's "meltdown." He finally notices how upset Kirsten is and asks what's wrong. Kirsten says that her boss also noticed something was wrong, so she went to the doctor. She starts crying. How many times does Charlie have to walk into a room and see someone start crying before he figures out that he's the common denominator? Kirsten says she's not depressed -- she's pregnant. They hug and cry.

Julia comes to Adam's apartment and says that the thing she likes about the future is that it doesn't have to be planned. You can just sit back and see how many more men fall in love with you. Actually, she says you can sit back and see what happens, but you know what she was thinking. Then she kisses Adam to make sure he's still totally in love with her, but I'm sure next week she'll be making out with someone else.

Charlie comes into the Salinger living room where Bailey is watching television. He knows Bailey is feeling a little shaky right now but Owen is outside and Charlie has to go to work. Charlie doesn't say that Bailey should remember how they almost had to go to court to see who would get custody of Owen, but now they can't dump him off on someone else fast enough. Charlie wants Bailey to help Owen with an assignment for his reading tutor. Bailey says he knows what Charlie is doing, trying to fix his problem by keeping him busy. Charlie says he isn't trying to fix anything, and Owen comes in. Bailey and Owen exchange awkward hellos and then Owen shows Bailey a letter he wrote him while he was in rehab. He shows it to Bailey and asks for help, saying that Charlie and Claudia don't help him as well as Bailey does. Bailey starts crying again like cut it with the waterworks already!

Charlie sets the table as Joe walks in and asks why Charlie called him, since Joe was packing to leave. Charlie asks Joe to take over the restaurant since he and Kirsten have so much going on right now. Wouldn't it have been nice to hear Charlie say, "I was wrong? I shouldn't have been so mean to you. Please stay." But instead he has to make a lame excuse. Julia comes in with Chinese food. Owen, Claudia and Will follow, and Owen asks Joe if he's staying for dinner, and Joe says he is. Kirsten enters, and they all sit down. Bailey walks in and asks what's going on. Charlie says it's their new night for dinner. Bailey's all "Since when?" and Julia's all "Since tonight." Will makes a joke about Bailey wanting Italian instead of Chinese and Bailey loosens up and says he's starving and they all dig in.

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