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Todd is in his room watching television, flipping through the channels. He lands on a porn channel and starts to change it, but the remote doesn't work. I don't know why he pretends like he doesn't want to watch the porn. I mean, if you were a seventeen-year-old boy, and you found free porn on the television, would you be in any rush to change the station? Plus, he could just get up and change the station. He's only like two feet from the television. Of course, Claudia walks in before he can change the station and he tries to stammer an excuse. Claudia gets all indignant about "the porno" and the "the girls in the lobby" and wonders what she had to do to get him to notice her. Todd is taken aback that she wants him to notice her, since he's been trying so hard not to be a pig, and he thought she didn't want to rush into a relationship because of Derek. Then he does that thing where he talks and talks and won't shut up so Claudia kisses him to shut him up, and then tells him it's okay, and then they make out some more. Finally!

Julia enters a cheesy wedding chapel just as Justin and Laura's ceremony begins. Are there any non-cheesy wedding chapels in Vegas? This one appears to have a Grecian theme, with people wearing togas and grape wreaths and such. The officiant asks if anyone objects, blah blah blah forever hold your peace-cakes. Justin looks around to see if Julia's going to object, like marry Laura because you love her not because you can't have the Object of All Men's Desire (i.e. Julia). Julia ducks behind a Grecian column and observes the wedding continuing. As people pointed out on the forums though, we never heard the "I now pronounce you husband and wife" part, so Justin could've bailed.

Charlie is in Bailey's bedroom going over some restaurant details. Bailey interrupts him to say he doesn't want to hear it right now. Charlie says it might not seem important right now, and Bailey says he's not sure if it was ever important. People think that because he's good at running the restaurant that he must love it. Hello? Am I the only one who remembers Bailey practically begging Charlie to let him run the restaurant? If he hates it so much, why didn't he let them sell the restaurant when they wanted to a few seasons back? Then there's a lot of babble about how Bailey is good at rescuing people, and how he needs other people to have problems in order to feel needed, and how the high point of his life was when Charlie got cancer because he got to take everything over. Charlie butts in with the occasional "Not true" and "Oh, Bailey." Bailey starts crying and says that he is someone who needs people to be dying for him to be happy, and then he starts sobbing. Maybe Kirsten should slip him some of those "meds."

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