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Blast The Past

Charlie comes into the restaurant to look at the receipts. Joe walks in and tells him they're all there and everything balances, and then asks when Bailey's coming back, like why don't you make it a little more obvious that you hate working with Charlie, Joe? Charlie says, "Not soon enough!" like maybe he could also take lessons in subtlety. Joe offers to take over whatever task Charlie is doing but Charlie refuses. Joe wants to know how long this is going to go on. Charlie (probably purposely) misunderstands him and says that Bailey should be back soon. Joe clarifies that he was talking about the non-trusting thing. Joe says he's sold his condo and his car, and everything he has of value, and he's only a little shy of paying back what he borrowed. Charlie holds up one finger and says it wasn't borrowing, it was "something else," like why can't he just say "stealing"? Joe says he made a mistake and that Charlie has made mistakes too, and this would be Charlie's cue to say, "Yeah, like hiring you back!" but I guess they decided to avoid that clich&eamp; and instead chose the clich&eamp; of Charlie saying, "It's not about me!" Oh my God, another Salinger admitted the possibility that it is not, in fact, all about them. Call the Pope because I think we've got a miracle on our hands. Joe says, "It's about us," and reminds Charlie that they've known each other for twenty years. Charlie says that if a stranger stole from him, he would be mad but it would be over. It hurts more because he thought he knew Joe. Joe wonders if there's any point in him sticking around and Charlie is passive-aggressively silent. Joe says he'll clear out his things.

Bailey is wandering around the grounds of the rehab center, like move on already! He spies Oliver sitting on a bench and stops to make sure they "didn't lobotomize [him]." Oliver laughs and then tells Bailey not to stare at him like that. Bailey starts to go, but Oliver thanks him, but then says it didn't matter because they wouldn't have pumped his stomach anyway. Bailey wonders why he did it then. Oliver says it's funny that Bailey asked that, since he doesn't want to leave this place either. Bailey says he just wants to find out what's wrong with him. Oliver offers to save him money in "therapy bills," and tells Bailey to "pull up a couch." Oliver says he and Bailey are both into "the cavalry rush" and they love "a good crisis" because "it really gets the blood going." Bailey doesn't get it, so Oliver says they've all heard his story about "the orphans pulling together." Bailey says he doesn't get himself into trouble so that people have to rescue him. Oliver says it's two sides of the same coin -- some people get off on getting into trouble and being rescued, and some people get off on doing the rescuing. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I don't really see the problem with wanting to help people, and it seems a little different than creating problems where none exist.

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Party of Five




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