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Bailey is back at the rehab center for an appointment with the counselor. Oliver comes up and sits down next to him, asking what he's doing there. Then Oliver spies a nurse getting a trayful of meds and says, "That's nice." The nurse turns the corner and goes up some stairs. Oliver gets up and walks after the nurse, and then we hear a commotion from the stairway, and the nurse cries, "Orderly! I need help!" Bailey gets up and runs after Oliver, who has snatched the bottle of pills and is snarling at Bailey to stay out of it. Oliver's all "Man, Interrupted" and trying to pry the lid off the bottle with his teeth. Bailey bum rushes him as two orderlies come and pull Oliver away. Oliver calls Bailey a "Boy Scout" as he is being hustled away.

Julia opens her hotel room door to discover Adam there. He walks into the room and tells her that he hasn't been honest with her. He says he can't touch what she and Justin have, because that's a lifetime of knowing each other, and loving each other. Then he launches into a rip-off of the final scene of "When Harry Met Sally." You know, the scene where Harry tells Sally, "I love that after spending a day with you, my coat smells like your perfume" and "I love that little line you get on your forehead when you're looking at me like I'm crazy." Anyway, Adam rips that off and then apologizes for dumping this on Julia now, but he wants her to be free with him, whatever that means. Then there's a knock at the door, and Julia says that it's Claudia. Julia opens the door, but it's Justin! Surprise! Like we didn't all see that one coming a mile away? Justin asks if it's a bad time and Adam says he was just leaving. Justin walks into the room as Adam walks out and Julia stands in the doorway looking back and forth between the two men, like "Oh, how will I decide among the many men who are in love with me, Julia Salinger. I inspire men to poetry and to leaving their girlfriends, and to driving to Vegas just to see my lovely, lovely face. I am Julia Salinger, queen of the world." Well, that's just my interpretation.

Julia asks Justin why she's there. Justin babbles about how he's supposed to know if something that feels right today will feel right for the rest of his life, and how marriage is romantic because it's a leap of faith, and how he wants to get married and take that leap with Laura, but he still loves Julia and he always has, and he wonders if he's supposed to be taking that leap with Julia instead. So, he wrote her to find out how she feels. Julia says, "I don't know," without moving her lips at all. Justin says he knows it's a hard question, but after what she said last time they saw each other, he needs to know how she feels. Julia asks how she's supposed to know. Justin says, "Okay," and leaves.

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Party of Five




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