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Bailey is in his room, and Will knocks on the door. Will enters and goes into this speech about how he "didn't plan this" and he's not trying to "cheer [Bailey] up" or get him to "come out of [his] room." Bailey's all "What are you talking about?" and then Holly walks into the room. She tells Bailey he looks great. Suddenly they are sitting in the kitchen drinking tea. Holly thanks Bailey for being so forgiving, and says that he obviously needed help that last time they saw one another. Holly laments that she's supposed to be learning how to heal, but Bailey tells her he didn't deserve her sympathy because he had been drinking. Holly says she's been getting updates from Will, and says again that Bailey looks great. Like, just jump him already, Holly! Bailey interrupts her to say that he doesn't want anyone else to tell him he looks great, and that quitting drinking suddenly seems easy in comparison to figuring out his life. Everyone is telling him he looks fine, but inside he's like a sad little clown.

Julia, Claudia and Todd enter the casino/hotel. Julia tells Claudia to keep her eyes peeled because Laura isn't supposed to know they're there, but this is the hotel Justin and Laura are checked into. Todd approaches the front desk and the woman asks him how many rooms. Some scantily clad showgirls walking by distract Todd, and Claudia's all "Earth to Todd!" Todd breaks out of his trance and apologizes, but Claudia isn't buying it. Someone hisses, "Julia!" and it's Justin. He asks what Julia is doing there and she says, "You tell me." Justin can't believe she came. Julia says they have to talk. Justin points out that Laura is nearby, and then says they'll talk later before bolting away.

Kirsten is in her office and her boss comes in and asks if she told that mom from earlier to pull her daughter out of the study. Kirsten says she supported her decision, and the boss is mad she didn't discuss it with him first. Kirsten says she was making the best decision for the girl, not the study. Kirsten gets all fired up and says she made the right decision and he knows it. The boss asks what's wrong with her since they've had patients like this girl before and it didn't bother her so much. Kirsten says Lizzie is different. The boss says Kirsten has been acting different. She fought with the prescribing M.D., she's been calling in sick, and now this. He wants to know what's happening. Kirsten just sits down and starts crying into her hand. I really should keep track of the average crying jags per episode on this show. Some bottled water company should advertise on this show. I can see it now: "Poland Springs, when you need to re-hydrate yourself because you've been crying like a Salinger all day."

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