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Charlie and Joe are at the restaurant. Charlie is on the phone with someone at the factory, telling her to stall a salesman for him. Joe points out that it's tough to do two jobs, and Charlie says it would be easier if the accountant would get there. Joe says it's like the old days with the two of them running things. Charlie stares at his laptop and says, "Yeah" without any enthusiasm. I would point out the expense of the laptop, but I'm assuming it's a business write-off. The phone rings and Joe answers it. After hanging up, he tells Charlie that the accountant is going to be an hour. Charlie complains that he has "two meetings at the factory" and he's supposed to pick up Owen. Owen? Who's that? Joe asks if he wants to reschedule, but Charlie says he can't because of "the quarterly taxes." Joe tells him to "leave the computer" and let him meet with the accountant because "it's not like [he hasn't] done it a hundred times." Charlie doesn't take Joe up on his offer, and instead calls Victor about Owen. Joe looks disappointed.

Bailey enters the darkened Salinger home. He calls out to see if anyone is there, but no one answers. Then Will comes into the room and is surprised to see Bailey. Bailey asks where everyone is, and Will reports that Julia and Claudia went to Vegas and Owen's with Charlie. Bailey is not the least bit surprised that his sisters went to Vegas. Bailey notes that Will has his jacket on and was about to go out. Will says he's supposed to meet Meredith, and it's too late to cancel, but he can just meet her and send her home. Bailey says it's okay, that he's probably just going to "crash" and Will should go. Will double-checks that it's all right, and then skedaddles. Bailey sits down in a chair and stares at the wall. Maybe if he wanted people to care that he was coming home, he could've called ahead. I'm just sayin'.

Charlie walks into his bedroom where Kirsten is still sleeping. He yells to Owen to get ready for school, then says to his wife, "Hey sleepyhead. Shouldn't you be getting ready for work?" Kirsten says she's not sure she's going in today. Charlie asks if she's feeling all right. Kirsten says she's "really tired." Charlie asks what's going on, like she didn't just tell him. Haven't these people ever heard of taking a mental health day? Everyone calls in sick when they're not really sick. Except if any of my bosses are reading this, in which case I would like to inform them that I have never done such a thing, even that time when I called in sick and then came in to work the next day with a sunburn. That was because I went tanning because I thought it would make me feel better, just like I told you at the time, and had nothing to do with the all-day festival going on at my alma mater which was on the news and I was praying to God that I wouldn't be on screen, which I wouldn't be, since I wasn't there anyway, right? Kirsten says that work is hard because some of the kids in the trial are "really depressed" and that it's "hard to watch." Charlie points out that if they're in the study, they're getting therapy. Kirsten says they "need meds" and some of them "aren't getting the active drug" and it might not even be working for the ones that are getting the active drug, and that it never used to get to her, but lately it does. Charlie points out that she went off her anti-depressants. Kirsten says all defensively, "I'm not depressed" but that's she "upset and frustrated." On the one hand, it would be annoying to have someone wonder if you are clinically depressed every time you had a bad day. On the other hand, he could be right. Charlie says okay and then looks away. Kirsten stares at her pillow.

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Party of Five




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