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Kirsten is talking to a teenaged girl in her office. Kirsten gets up and exits the office to talk to the girl's mother. Mom thinks the girl is getting worse. Kirsten says her "weight and sleep reports are still within the protocol." Mom asks Kirsten if her daughter is in the "placebo group" and wants Kirsten to tell her so she knows "whether to pull her out or not." Kirsten says it's a double-blind study, so even she doesn't know who is getting the active drug and who is getting the placebo. Mom starts crying and telling Kirsten she "doesn't have any idea" what her daughter is going through. Kirsten's beeper goes off and she tells the Mom to wait. As soon as Kirsten gets around the corner, she starts weeping.

Bailey is sitting on a bench at the rehab facility, and there's a big duffel bag next to him. The counselor from the group therapy exits his office and Bailey catches up to him to try to ask him a question. The counselor says that Bailey was discharged. Bailey says he wanted to ask the counselor a few questions before he leaves, but the counselor has "six evaluations before group" and no time for Bailey. Way to make it all about the Benjamins, Mr. Counselor. You can't spare five minutes for someone who is clearly upset? He says that Bailey can make an appointment any weekday, but in the meantime he should talk to his family because "they sound very supportive." Bailey starts to respond but the counselor tells him he's doing "extremely well" and pats him on the shoulder then walks away, like could he be more dismissive. Bailey just stares after him.

Claudia and Todd are sitting on a loveseat. Claudia asks a very nervous Todd what he feels like doing. Todd doesn't know, and suggests rehearsing. Claudia drops a major hint by saying, "Or, we could not" and then saying that she'd like it to be "just the two of us, you and me." The clue train speeds right on by Todd and he turns on the television. Claudia looks disappointed and leans back. Oh my God, her rack is enormous! When did that happen? Little Claudia is really all grown-up. Julia walks in wearing oh-so-trendy three-quarter length pants that she bought with all the money the family doesn't have. Julia grabs the mail and exits, and from that action Claudia determines there is something wrong, so she yells "Julia, are you okay?" and follow her out of the room. Todd sighs and looks relieved.

In the kitchen, Claudia asks Julia what she's still doing there, because she thought it was settled that Julia was going to Vegas. Julia's looking through the mail and wondering why she should go. Claudia tells her it will be better once she talks to Justin. Julia wonders what she's supposed to say to him, since she doesn't even know if he wants her there. Claudia says, "Julia, you know. Tell him not to get married." Julia wonders what her argument is, and Claudia reminds her what she was saying before about him getting rushed into this. Julia points out that she told him that the last time she saw him and it didn't help. The only other solution is to tell him he should be with someone else, like her. Claudia says, "Should he?" Julia doesn't know because they haven't been together for four years. Claudia just repeats, "Should he?" Julia realizes she has to go, but her car won't make it and she's too poor to fly. Apparently, she's spent all her money on computers and clothes. Claudia suggests she take Todd's car. The hell? Where did that come from? Oh yeah, it's a convenient writers' construct to get Claudia and Todd together in Vegas. Todd comes in and is all, "What?" and Claudia gives him the hand and says they're having a private conversation. Todd says, "About my car?" Claudia tells him to let Julia borrow it, but Todd is worried about his insurance saying no one can drive it but him. Claudia decides that she and Todd should drive Julia to Vegas because it's "fun and impulsive" and just what they need. Did this seem out of the blue to anyone else? Yeah, me too.

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