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Previously on Party of Five: Claudia kissed Todd and then ran away. Adam told Julia that she should probably break up Justin and Laura. Julia told Justin she's jealous of him and Laura. Charlie pointed out that Kirsten would have to go off her anti-depressants in order to try to get pregnant, and Kirsten said they are her risks to take. Bailey drank, Bailey drove, Bailey crashed, and Bailey signed up for rehab.

We open in a group therapy setting at the rehab facility, and the counselor asks Bailey if he has anything to discuss with the group today. Bailey demurs, saying that he is "pretty good," and one of the other patients claps sarcastically and says in a gravelly voice, "That's great." The counselor tells the other patient, Oliver, that the room is supposed to be safe and free of judgement. Oliver backs off and the counselor prompts Bailey to pick up where he left off yesterday, discussing his accident. Bailey babbles about how the first time he got sober, the drinking used to sneak up on him, "one beer turns into three and so on," but this time it was "like a decision." He's not afraid that he will start drinking again, even though his reasons for drinking are still there, because it feels like "a switch" he can flip on or off. Throughout this speech, Oliver becomes increasingly agitated and finally wonders aloud why Bailey is even there. The counselor tries to shut him up, but Oliver goes on to say that Bailey had "one slip-up" and now he's "taking up space in rehab." Oliver goes on to point out how much worse the other patients are, including Richard who drank mouthwash when he couldn't get beer and Dale, who parked his car underwater. Richard and Dale look ashamed. The counselor points out that it's not a competition. Bailey wonders sarcastically if he has to have "the D.T.'s" in order to be there. Oliver says Bailey is making him feel "lower than [he] felt already." Bailey says that's not his problem and Oliver says, "That's right, you have no problem." They start shouting at each other and the counselor breaks it up. Oliver tells Bailey that his life is "a beautiful dream" and he should just "go home," because doesn't he want to go home? Bailey just stares at Oliver real hard, and then he says, "Everybody wants to be closer to free."

In the library, Adam walks up to Julia, who is staring intently at her laptop screen. The Salingers are crying poverty, and the restaurant might be going under, yet Julia has a couple thousand to drop on a laptop? Adam asks Julia what she's working on, since she didn't even notice him. Julia tries to close the laptop but Adam grabs it from her. Boundaries, Adam! He looks at the screen and reads e-mail from Justin, where he says he's "eloping with Laura... to Vegas." Adam asks Julia if she is going, and Julia says Justin didn't ask her to come. Adam says, "People don't send announcements when they elope." Julia wonders if he wants her to come be at his wedding, or come stop it. Adam tells her like ten more times that she should go.

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