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Previously on Party of Five: Claudia got into Juilliard, but didn't want to go because it meant being far from Todd and her family. Justin went back to Yale, but only temporarily. A client named Bruce Kimball offers to get Bailey into business school. Charlie decides to keep the furniture business small, and wants Bailey to be his partner, and Bailey agrees to think about it.

Fade up on a picture of the cast from the first season. Bailey shuts the refrigerator door, where the picture was hanging. Bailey asks Owen if he wants another piece of French toast before heading back to the basement, but Owen is full. Victor walks in and expresses surprise that Bailey made breakfast. Owen says they're going to "the exploratorium" after school. Victor says, "And it's not even a Saturday," and wonders if it's a slow day at work. Bailey says, "Kind of," and tells Owen to go get ready for school. Bailey takes Owen's dishes to the sink, and sets them in there and then just stands there. Victor points out that they "get cleaner if you get them wet" and then asks Bailey if he's okay. Bailey sighs and says he applied to this college, for their summer school program, which could lead to him being admitted as a junior, which could lead to him being admitted to their business school. Victor takes it they told him no. Bailey says they said yes. Victor doesn't get it until Bailey says that the college is in Pennsylvania. Victor turns away and Bailey asks if he thinks Bailey is being "a bad dad again." Victor asks if he is taking Owen out after school to see if he wants to go with him. Bailey says he hasn't figured it out yet, but he doesn't want Victor to tell anyone else yet. Victor says he should figure it out with Owen, because "the boy's pretty smart" and "Don't you think he's going to have an opinion?" Bailey says, "No, I'm sure he will." Hope you enjoyed Victor in that scene, because that's all you're going to get. Ever. Then the opening credits roll and the song says, "Everybody wants to be closer to free." Gotcha! Wouldn't it have been cool if they did special opening credits that featured a shot of the person when they first appeared on the show, and then now? I guess that would be difficult with the multiple Owens though.

Julia visits Griffin in the shed. She found a newspaper he left on the kitchen counter, that had various apartment listings circled. She knew it was his because of the "palm prints and grease stains." Julia noticed that all the apartments he circled were for two bedrooms. Griffin says "Stephanie" said she wanted to move in together. Wait, Griffin is seeing someone? Wasn't he just with Daphne not that long ago? Then again, she's practically married to someone else. Julia asks why he threw it away. Griffin says he's not ready for that yet. Julia asks if he wants to talk about it, but really she wants to talk about her. Griffin drags it out of her (not really) that she has three summer options and can't decide. She could go to summer school and do more writing, or she could continue to speak at conferences, or she could counsel abuse victims. Plus, she has an interview with the National Organization for Women. She realizes at this point that Griffin (like the viewers) has tuned out, so she says, "which would be good for my upcoming campaign for Congress." Griffin says, "Uh-huh." Julia continues, "Where I would make it a capital crime to be pretending to listen to someone when you're not!" and whaps Griffin with the paper. Griffin says he had a weird thought while she was talking. He really wished Justin were there. Julia starts whapping him with the paper some more. That Griffin is funny.

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