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Water, Water, Everywhere

On the pier outside his houseboat, Crosby and Jabbar wait for Jasmine. "How much longer?" Jabbar asks, all sad. Crosby takes a deep breath. "Hey, listen," he says. "You know what I told that lady, before, about who you were? I just got really scared. It was stupid." Jabbar thinks about it and says it's okay, he understands. With that, he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out the broken switch. "Is that why you ran and hid?" Crosby asks, "Because you broke this off the mixing board?" Jabbar: " I thought you'd be mad." Crosby smiles. "You know," he says, "I would have done the exact same thing." Yes, well, that's because you're like a five-year-old, but okay, it's still adorable. Jabbar!

Zeek and Sarah are in the driveway, saying goodbye to the clunker. "You're not going to cry over this thing, are you?" he asks, as she tears up. "It's just, Amber said her first word in it," she says. "'No.'" Drew, she says, came within three blocks of being born in it. She says it hardly ever worked, but the day she needed to move them out of Seth's house, it started on the first try. They give the tow truck the go-ahead, and it pulls away. Zeek chooses this moment to explain why he was so cagey about her moving into his office. "Your mother and I haven't been doing very well," he says. "I've been spending a lot of time in the guest house. I've been sleeping there." He says that's why he told her not to move in, and says he knows he was selfish. He insists, now, that she should move in. "Don't worry about your mother and I," he says, "we're gonna be doing okay." Sarah looks worried, but I am sure she is glad to have a place to sleep, although it occurs to me now that she could have been sleeping in that car the whole time.

Adam and Kristina are awake at 7:30 the next morning. Adam asks when the Footpath people are supposed to call. Kristina says 11. "I'm not gonna make it," Adam says. Kristina: "You want to make out?" Heee. Welcome to my marriage. It's my answer to everything. He doesn't get the chance to think over what I consider to be an excellent offer because the doorbell rings. It's Julia and her family, coffee in hand, come to take him and his family swimming. He laughs, but says he can't go, since they are waiting for a very important phone call. Somehow, Julia knows it's not for four hours, and the invasion is on. It's an all-Braverman swim at the pool, and everyone is having fun and jumping off the diving board, acting a fool. Poolside, Kristina and Camille are discussing Hungarian goulash when Adam's cell phone rings. I don't know why Kristina can't answer it, but she makes Adam get out of the water to grab the call -- it's Footpath. Max is in! Yay! This is celebrated by the whole family with much splashing.

The next morning, Adam and Kristina escort Max through the halls. "You mind if I run ahead?" he asks, as they hover behind him. "It's 8:14." They say yes, and watch as he goes. Kristina reaches down to find Adam's still holding the prayer stone. She removes it and replaces it with her hand. That night (I guess -- who knows what day it is, ever?), Sarah shows up at Jim's house. "Can I come in?" she asks him, and like any man in the world would when faced with Lauren Graham on his doorstep, he can only allow himself to hesitate for a split second. "You like lasagna?" he asks. She smiles and walks in. Yay, twice!

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