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Faking It

Over at HQ, Adam has arrived to drop off some shoes for Zeek and finds Sarah alone in the house. Amber, she says, has not come home from school, yet. "She's probably smoking, or drinking or... stealing something, I don't know." Adam takes this opportunity to get some inside information. "Have you ever faked an orgasm?" he asks his sister. Look, there's family closeness and then there's insanity, but I guess he really wants to know. How he's gotten to whatever age he is without even considering the question, I have no idea. Of course, Sarah being Sarah, treats it like a joke. "No," she says, doing a little bottle cap toss of confidence, "I haven't had to." Adam looks like she just stabbed him. I really like Peter Krause on this show. He matches up well against Monica Potter and Lauren Graham, both of whom have rarely had worthy enough actors to work with. (I mean no disrespect to the unreasonably hot Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls, of course.) Immediately, Sarah realizes her mistake. "Wait, why are you asking?" she asks. Adam: "No reason." Sarah: "Wait! I'm just kidding! Of course I have! And if someone in your life has, that's okay, too." Adam is distraught. "When? Why?" he wants to know. Sarah says there have been a few different times for a few different reasons. He says he just does not get it, at all. Sarah sighs. "It's like... we don't want you to feel bad..." she says. This causes him to feel much worse. "God! This is just horrible," he says. "Are you all in on this?!" Aw. Sarah is offended. "It's not horrible," she says. "And we're not 'all in on it.' She shouldn't have told you. That breaks the code, right there." Adam asks how he's supposed to tell the faking is going on. "You can't tell, honey," Sarah tells him. "It's fake." He says he still doesn't get it and wonders why women fake it at all. "Because! It's too long to explain in the moment," Sarah says. "It's like, you just kind of, you know, put on a happy face and... better luck next time!" She says this with a cringing happy-go-lucky shrug that nearly kills me, and adds that it's not a lie, it's an act of generosity. "It's a gift!" she insists to his frustration. "It says to you 'thank you so much for trying, please come again soon!'" Warming to this theme, she throws her arm up and continues with "'come again as soon as you possibly can and...'" Adam's shooting eyebrows alert her to the fact that Amber has just entered the room. He makes a quick exit as Sarah tries to cover. "So, come back again next time," she says gesturing to the shoes he brought for Zeek, "and I'll just... give him those... and yeah, okay..."

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