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Faking It

Here we come to another moment that seems like the director was like, "You guys hang out in the kitchen and Adam comes home and then Gaby leaves and in the middle there you have to show that Gaby knows about your sex life." I'm just saying, I feel the extemporaneous vibe more than I should, possibly because some of them are better at it than others? Am I alone, here? Anyway, this is exactly what happens. Gaby is still at the house, having had dinner with Kristina, Haddie and Max, when Adam comes home. The kids disperse and Kristina, who is a bit in her cups, lays some serious smooches on Adam, who seems a little surprised to be passing Gaby in his kitchen. "You relax tonight," Gaby wink-nudges Kristina on her way out, and Kristina slyly mumbles that oh, she'll relax all right. Adam is somewhat confused but, you know, he's not going to turn down the free love... except maybe he is, since it seems to him like Kristina is not turned on because she is fondly remembering their morning sex, but because of Max's good playdate and her new BFF, Gaby. "What was that all about?" he finally asks, and Kristina tells him about her stress meltdown and how she told Gaby all about how it's sometimes hard for her and Adam to connect "certain ways." Adam is immediately on the defensive. "We're keeping our private life private, right?" he asks. "I mean, you're not talking to her about... sex?" Kristina rolls her eyes. "Honey, no, of course!" she says. "I mean... a little bit!" Haaa! She tries to backtrack a little but he wants to make sure, you know, she hasn't told Gaby that she isn't satisfied with him in bed. In fact, he suddenly worries that she, in fact, is NOT satisfied. "Have you been... faking it?" he asks.

Poor Kristina! She got this buzz on specifically to instigate the sexy time, and now she has to deal with the woman-like emotions of her husband? So unfair. "You're not telling her that you're not enjoying it?" he wonders. She insists that no, that's not what she's saying, and that yes, she's enjoying it "a LOT!" He is still skeptical and she resorts to teenage-style prevarications. "What?" she asks when he raises yet another eyebrow. "What did I tell her when? Why are you looking at me like that? I'm starting to get sweaty!" Hee. She finally admits that, yes, once in a while she fakes it. "I don't want you to think I'm don't appreciate the effort!" she says, which is the truth, I'm sure, but of course it's the wrong thing to say. "I don't need you to comfort me by faking it!" Adam gripes. Kristina suggests that maybe he sit down and eat something. "Or drink," she says. "Why don't you have a drink?"

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