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Faking It

Crosby has entered the jealously guarded inner sanctum of Joel's Wednesday Playgroup. As Jabbar runs around having fun with all the kids, Crosby studies the mom dynamics (and gay dad dynamics) of the group. They're all in love with Joel. "He's like a rock star," he says to one woman. "Big time," she answers, with lust in her eyes. No one, however, is more into Joel than the omnipresent Raquel. Bringing over a tray of snacks, she gets a leeeetle too close and lingers a leeeetle too long. Crosby notices.

Back at the park, Kristina's emotions are getting the better of her. With Gaby, she watches Max continue to play with the little girl. "I've been trying to do this for so long," she tells Gaby. "I'm just amazed." Gaby asks how she is, personally. She swears she is okay, but she so isn't. It's so nice to see Max play with other kids, she says. "And you helped him do it," she adds, almost crying. "You did." The sensitive Gaby sees her turn away and reaches out. Poor Kristina says she just feels like a loser, not being able to provide this kind of help to her son. Gaby assures her that it's not easy. "I only work with him a few hours a day," she says. "This is your life. I don't know how you do it." Feeling like she has a friend, Kristina unleashes a meltdown. Monica Potter breaks my heart every single week. She says she can't sleep at night, worrying about Max and wondering if they're doing everything they can for him. She lists all the ways she's worried about her whole family, and it's overwhelming. She says that she rarely gets a chance to spend time alone with Adam, and when she does, she can't relax enough to enjoy any part of her life, "a movie, dinner, sex..." Suddenly she's embarrassed for having said too much. Gaby very sweetly swears that she shouldn't worry about it. "He does satisfy me," Kristina swears. "A lot! He's... got a good one!" Whoa. Come on, show! They laugh, the tension broken. Gaby tells her that the important thing to do, is relax, and cut herself some slack so that she can enjoy her life. "Okay," Kristina says. "Then I'm going to go to Hawaii, and you can raise my son." Gaby says she'll babysit.

Crosby arrives back at Julia's office on an unspecified day and is so overwhelmed with gratitude about his entre into Joel's playgroup that he throws his arms around her as if not having seen her for years. Since Julia seems to be the only Braverman who ever does any work, you have to wonder how much she appreciates these visits. Crosby waxes fond over the greatness of Joel and how much of a rock star he is to the playgroup participants. Something about this interaction seems very ad-libbed to me. Actually, I think the actors on this show do a lot of this, which sometimes seems very natural, and other times... forced. Like now. Like when Julia basically has to force Crosby to tell her just what this rock star business is all about, and he reluctantly reveals that Raquel flirts with her husband. Then he tries to act like that's not what he was saying, and finally leaves telling her she'll have to get another source for the info. Which... why did you show up in the first place, man?

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