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Faking It

Speaking of guilt, Sarah has obviously lost her mind over this whole business, because she is now seeking the advice of Crosby who is doing some alleged repairs to his boat sink. Even he thinks it's crazy. "You're asking for MY advice," he says, thrilled. "This is so great! You never come to me." Sarah says, yes, there's a first for everything. "What's next?" she adds. "You asking ME for advice?" Apparently this is also a crazy idea, because Crosby laughs. Sarah finally tells him that she met someone, and he's great. "He's Amber's teacher, and um, he's kind of young..." she says. Crosby casually asks if he's legal. "Age? Yeah, he's 26," Sarah says, incredulous that he'd so flippantly ask if she was dating a teenager. "Gross!" Crosby doesn't see the probs. "Oh," he nods. "He's married." Sarah shakes her head, newly amazed at his stupidness. No, she says. "Then what are you asking me?" he wonders. Sarah is amazed that he can't see the subtlety of the situation, though this IS the man who introduced his own son to his fiancé as some kid he met in the reception area. "What about Amber? He's younger than Julia!" Sarah begins listing off all the obvious difficulties. "He's younger than me, by a lot!" Crosby sighs. "Look, you want to say yes," Crosby smirks. Sarah: "I do." Crosby: "If you wanna say no, you'd ask Dudley Do-Right or Judge Julia." Ha! Sarah asks if he doesn't think it's weird that she'd want to date this dude. "No way," Crosby shrugs. Sarah: "No rules!" Crosby: "I didn't read a rule book!" Crosby's so pleased at how well his advice is being taken, he suggests Sarah can even the score by um, accompanying him to tell his parents about Jabbar. She, also, refuses.

At the park, Adam is snorting and scoffing that he cancelled a meeting to come to the park and watch Gaby work with Max when apparently all she is doing is babysitting him. Kristina, also, is skeptical that any of this is doing any good. To their credit, it looks like Gaby is just enduring a ball-playing game with Max as he lectures her about guns, their histories, every detail of one she could buy, etc. But as they look on, they see something fairly amazing -- Gaby convinces Max to go over to a little girl to invite her to play four square with him. She achieves this by promising him he can get any lizard he wants on the way home. I hope, for everyone's sake, he has no desire to parent a Komodo dragon or something, because that seemed like a very general reward to bestow on a kid with Asperger's who will hold you to your promise on pain of death. Watching from the sidelines, Kristina is filled with mixed emotions -- a LOT of emotions, actually. She's amazed and happy that Max is socializing, bewildered that he could be convinced to do it, and upset that she has never been able to help her son do this, on her own. "Hey, she just got lucky," Adam says, seeing her clouded face. "No, she didn't," Kristina says, fighting back tears, yet again, and gives Max a big thumbs-up.

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