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Faking It

Later, Camille and Zeek have a surprise for Jabbar. Crosby's old bicycle! "It's for me?!" he asks, delighted. "Maybe your dad will teach you some tricks on it," Camille says. Zeek: "But I don't want you doing any wheelies. Your dad broke three teeth and a lot of brain cells." They put an old football helmet on Jabbar and he climbs on. "Can you do this?" Crosby asks in a totally natural dad tone. "You already know how?" Jabbar says yeah, like he can't wait to get rolling, and off he goes, with Crosby running behind. Listen, just go head and assume that once this show reaches the 56 minute mark, I'll be crying, no matter what's happening, but especially if Jabbar is involved.

They sort of ruin it by cutting back to Adam and Kristina, who have just achieved bliss comparable or superior to that of The Daily Show evening. Hee. "I'm just gonna say that felt like, the real deal," Adam asks the exhausted Kristina. She says yes. "I haven't felt this relaxed in two months," she finally says. "Please don't ruin it." With that, he's satisfied, himself and, arms behind his head, he smiles.

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