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Faking It

At work, Sarah is cashing out when she gets another visit from Mr. Cyr. "I've been thinking a lot about the note," he says, and her face falls. "I'm sorry," she tells him. No, no, he insists, she's right. "It is a little too complicated," he says. "I mean, three options is a lot of options. It's overwhelming. I understand." Sarah sees where he's going and slyly smiles. "Yeah," she nods. "I'm just not good with multiple choice." Mr. Cyr says no, it's fault. "These choices are ridiculous," he says. "I mean, 'maybe,' what's that all about?" Sarah jokes that, yeah, it was confusing. Mr. Cyr says he doesn't know what he was thinking and has decided that he should just be more direct, next time. With that, he lays one on her. Pulling away, he asks directly: "Will you go out with me?" Sarah thinks about it and takes the note out of his hand, making a mark on it. He looks. "That is the correct answer," he says, and leaves her to her work. She smiles as she watches him walk out.

The time has come to initiate Jabbar into the Braverman Way. Crosby arrives at HQ with the little guy and Camille and Zeek are stunned once again. I don't think the show has addressed even once that Jabbar's parents are of different races, and I can't tell if Zeek and Camille are reacting to that, with surprise or if they're just blown away by Jabbar's overwhelming cuteness, but I think it's the latter. Crosby introduces his parents -- Grandma Camille and Grandpa Zeek -- and Jabbar shakes hands with both. "You can call me Grandma," Camille tells him. "Okay," he whispers back. Zeek congratulates him on a good handshake, which we know is so important. I guess Joel has moved the sacred playgroup to HQ today because all those kids are gathered around in the yard, now, watching Crosby put on an awesome puppet show. Camille, wearing fairy wings and a tiara, looks on proudly. Harmony is there, with her arms thrown around Sydney. "Does that just melt your heart, or what?" Raquel asks, coming over to Julia. Julia tries not to react, and Raquel doesn't notice, going on about how she was thinking of signing Harmony up for a pottery class. "Something about working with the clay just grounds you to the Earth," she drones. Julia looks over and sees Joel watching her, all Sad Dad. She sighs. Surely she is realizing now that this goofy woman is no threat to her marriage -- clay grounding you to the Earth? Come on. She looks again at Sydney with her beloved friend. "Maybe," she tells Raquel, "the girls could do it together."

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