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Faking It

Sarah's obviously skeptical that Amber has been at school this whole time, but Amber insists it's true. "Extra credit stuff," she says. "I was uh, formatting in the computer lab if you must know." When Sarah finds out it was for Mr. Cyr, her whole attitude changes. "Extra credit," she says, all nervous now, thinking of Mr. Cute. "I'm proud of you! That's... extra!" It's Amber's turn, now, to look skeptical as she wanders off to her room. This encounter leaves Sarah a little shaken. She pulls out Mr. Cyr's note and considers it again. Below the multiple choices, she adds one more: "It's Complicated."

At a restaurant, Crosby is picking up the bill for his parents. Naturally, they are shocked. "Oh, this is embarrassing," Crosby says when he goes to take money out of his wallet. "Dad, can you float me about forty dollars..." He's just kidding, which also shocks them. This is all to prove, he says, that he's appreciative of everything they've done and continue to do for him. He's turning over a new leaf, he says, all due to his big news. Now his parents are scared. Zeek puts his arm around Camille, preparing for some awful news like Crosby's dying, or something. But, no, Crosby tells them, it's great news. "I have a son," he says. "I'm a father." His parents slowly smile. "So, you and Crazy Katie hit the jackpot," Zeek says, assuming Katie's plan to have a baby has worked. No, Crosby says. "It's not Crazy Katie." He half-admonishes Zeek for calling her crazy, but come on -- we all know she's crazy. Anyway, he explains that the mother of this child is a dancer he knew several years ago when she was touring the Bay Area. "She doesn't dance with a pole," he says as Zeek smirks. "It's like, ballet!" He tells how he didn't know she was pregnant back then and that she showed up a few months ago with a five-year-old boy. His parents are stunned. Camille hasn't even spoken, but when Crosby starts talking about how amazing his son is, her eyes fill with tears. Zeek, also, is moved. "Crosby," he says, hoarse, "you're a dad." Crosby says he knows, and he knows he has to be a more responsible person now and take care of things better, and he will. "This is me, now," he says, "Crosby the dad." He looks at Camille. "Mom," he begs, "please say something." She can hardly say anything, though, because she's so happy. "Does he look like you?" she finally asks. "Because you were just the cutest kid, ever." Aw. Tears, man. I can't help it. "I'm just so happy for you," she says. "For all of us." Dude. When my mother-in-law met our daughter for the first time, she burst into tears and thanked me. I'm still not over it. And I can't even tell you how my mother reacted, because you'll never stop crying and neither will I. Suffice it to say, it was like Terms of Endearment meets Steel Magnolias, all up in the South Terminal of the Atlanta airport at 2 AM on a Thursday. Finally they ask what the boy's name is. Zeek's reaction is as one might have expected. "What kind of name is Jabbar?" he asks, though as much basketball as we've seen people play on this show already, I'd think he would already know and, frankly, be proud. You don't just get named after the inventor of the sky hook unless you're significantly awesome, as we've seen Jabbar already prove himself to be. Anyway, Camille says it doesn't matter what his name is, she can't wait to meet Jabbar. She finally goes around the table and hugs her son, and they all smile as Zeek repeats "Jabbar Braverman?"

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