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The Non-Secret Keepers

It's the morning of the Autism Walk, and Sarah is trying to rally her segment of Team Braverman at HQ. She's wearing her red Team Braverman shirt and yelling at everyone to come on. Except Amber says she's not going. And when Drew hears that Amber's not going, he says he's not going either. Sarah ain't having it, and just carries on like she didn't hear what they said. When her kids won't listen, Sarah throws a little temper tantrum complete with foot stomping, as everyone continues to talk over one another. Finally, Camille walks in the room and overrules Sarah, saying that they're all staying home. She gives the following advice: "Sometimes being the perfect parent just isn't worth the blood on the floor. And I don't feel like dealing with your father anyway. So." Sarah looks stricken, like probably Camille was always the family cheerleader and now she seems to have given up. Camille promises to call Adam, and also make waffles. Not that Amber and Drew needed any convincing, but they're in. Sarah stands there for a moment, pondering her options, and realizes she wants no part of going to the walk on her own, so she asks if Camille can make pancakes too.

The various teams cross the finish line at the Autism Walk, including Team Lessing and Team Braverman. Afterwards, each team sits at a picnic table and eats while waiting for the awards ceremony. Adam walks over to his immediate family and looks annoyed, announcing that Julia won't be there because she's taking care of Boobs McGee. Still? Meanwhile, he says that Camille won't be there because she was coming with Sarah, whose family "can't be bothered." Kristina apologizes, and Adam thanks her and especially Haddie for being there, though he wishes the rest of his family were there as well. Max points out that everyone's mileage counted, and that's what matters. Everyone agrees, and puts on a happy face for Max's sake.

The announcer comes up to the stage to thank everyone and announce that the winners are...Team Braverman. He pronounces it wrong, but they get the point, and Max and Adam run up to the stage. Max snatches the trophy and starts jumping around on stage. Adam takes the microphone and thanks everyone for their efforts, and says that this is for his son Max. I really thought that somehow Max was going to find out that he isn't just the President of the Autism Walk, he's a member. But no. They're saving that for another time. Television, you have fooled me again.

Sarah apparently has ESP because she opens the door at HQ just as Adam is striding angrily through it. Sarah tries to apologize for the no-show, saying, "You know, Amber. [sigh]" Adam isn't feeling forgiving and shoves some papers under Sarah's nose, saying that they won and the organization gave everyone certificates. Adam finally gets to the point, which is that he forced Haddie to go knowing Amber would be there, and then Amber wasn't there. Sarah says that her family got into a fight too, but Camille took the other side, so Sarah lost. She says that Adam succeeded and she failed, which seems to be the story quite often in their little dynamic. Finally, Adam gets down to the real issue (because he's a Blurting Braverman) and says that Amber lied, and she's still seeing Steve, and Haddie saw them kissing at school. Many emotions wash over Sarah's face: sadness, resignation, confusion, etc. She says that she's sorry, and she's so sick of being the problem. Adam shrugs, "So do something about it." Yeah, like it's that easy, golden boy. If Sarah could control Amber, she wouldn't have had to move in the first place. Sarah tears up and says that she thinks maybe they should just move back to Fresno, and the whole move was a big mistake. She waits for Adam to tell her she's being ridiculous, but he just says stonily, "No, I didn't say that" and leaves. After he's gone, Sarah kind of starts to break down, but then pulls it together.

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