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The Non-Secret Keepers

Jasmine's dance audition. For some reason, she brought Crosby and Jabbar with her. Did anyone else bring their son and estranged baby daddy? I don't think so. Poor form, Jasmine. Anyway, she's nervous but Crosby is supportive. As Jasmine takes her spot on the floor, Crosby tells Jabbar that he thinks she's going to get the part. Sadly.

At Adam's house, Haddie is shut in her bedroom, wallowing and listening to loud depressing music. Max is pacing the hallway outside her room, upping his miles. Kristina and Adam start knocking on Haddie's door, begging to come in. Jeez, let a teenage girl have her wallow. It's what they do! Max tells them that Haddie was crying, because he was listening at her door. As Adam and Kristina keep walking, Max just barges in and tells Haddie that they have to keep walking. Adam and Kristina toss Max out but are a little glad they had an excuse to barge into the bedroom. Kristina turns off the music ("Neil Diamond or whatever") and Adam tells Haddie to stop wallowing and go for a walk with them. They clearly have no experience with brokenhearted teen girls. She needs to listen to bad music, write some bad poetry, and eat some bad food. Not healthy things!

Haddie tells them that she's not doing the Autism Walk the next day if Amber's going to be there. Kristina says that Adam and Max have worked really hard on the event, so Haddie has to go support them. Haddie decides to drop the bomb: "Amber's a liar, okay? I saw her kissing Steve at school." Adam (confused): "What?" Kristina (will cut a bitch): "What?" That was perfect by those two. Perfect dad and mom differing reactions to that news. Kristina immediately says that Haddie can stay home. Adam disagrees, and asks Haddie to rise above all this and go anyway. Kristina takes Haddie's side and Adam (kind of hilariously) starts talking about how one day one of them will be gone and they will regret that they didn't spend every moment together (what?). Kristina pulls Adam outside and asks who's going to call Sarah and tell her that Amber can't go. Adam says he won't do that to his family, and Kristina points out that they are his family. Seriously. Cut the strings, Adam. Anyway, Adam says that he's overruling her and everyone is going, and Kristina angrily says that he can tell his daughter that, and they'll be "one big happy freaking family." She stomps off as Adam goes back inside.

Adam sits on her bed and tells Haddie that he knows this is hard for her. Haddie asks why he isn't on her side, and he says that he is. He admits that he spoke with Kristina and they agreed that Adam gets to make the call. But he thinks he is doing Haddie a favor by asking her to go, because it's easy to wallow but it's hard to rise above. He tells her it's not about her or Amber; it's about Max. I am surprised Haddie doesn't give him some shit about how it's always about Max, because it kind of is, especially in the earlier episodes. And yet, Adam tells her he won't force her to go but he's asking her to do it for him. Guilt trip! It works, and Haddie agrees to go. That was semi-good parenting -- a little guilt trippy there at the end but it's nice to see someone call a teenager on her typically self-centered world view.

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