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The Non-Secret Keepers

Max is running up and down the stairs while he waits for the rest of the family to go out for a walk. Adam goes into the kitchen and Kristina tells him about her visit with the doctor, and how he said they'd know when it's time to talk to Max. Um, isn't Max like a few feet away? I think you just talked to him. Apparently, Max has bad hearing, because he doesn't hear this conversation. Adam and Kristina agree that the doctor's words aren't that comforting, because they don't feel like they will know when the time is right. Max appears and harangues his parents into going out, since he wants to beat the Lessings. Whatever happened to Max dressing like a pirate all the time?

Amber walks through the outdoor lunchroom at school. When she passes by Haddie's table, one of Haddie's friends calls her a ho, so Amber slams her lunch tray down on a nearby table and walks out. Haddie asks her friend, "What are you doing?" As Amber wanders off, Steve sees her walk by and chases after her. Meanwhile, Haddie is telling her friends to cut the shit, because their fun little game is causing her problems at home.

Meanwhile, Steve has caught up to Amber, who is sitting alone on a wall somewhere. He asks if she's okay, and she says that she's really not, and that she can't even exist at the school anymore without getting harassed. Steve apologizes, and says that he feels responsible, so at least he's not a complete jerk. Amber tells him that it's fine, because she knows that she deserves the treatment she's getting. Steve takes her hand and says that she doesn't, and that he'll do anything to fix the situation. Amber softens a bit, and then he says that he's been thinking about her every second. Amber, so starved for positive male attention, just melts and offers no resistance when Steve kisses her. Cue Haddie, of course, walking around searching for Amber, and instead, unseen by either of them, spots Steve and Amber kissing. She makes kind of a WTF gesture and walks off, crying. Well, shit.

Adam, driving somewhere, calls Sarah to double check that he told his dad the truth, and that their mom isn't involved with her art teacher. Sarah says that Camille said she's not seeing the guy. Adam's satisfied with that, but Sarah is a Braverman so she has to tell everything she knows, and blurts out that Camille slept with the guy once. Adam is stunned, but he's also pulling up to pick up his father (where is he staying now?) so he has to go. Cut to Adam, Zeek, and Zeek's horrible haircut jogging up a hill until Zeek collapses on a nearby lawn. Adam is concerned for his father's health (and probably hair), but it turns out that Zeek is just worried that Camille is slipping away from him, and he doesn't know what's going on with this art teacher, and it's driving him crazy. Adam, being a Braverman, has to immediately blurt out that Camille slept with the guy once and now it's apparently over. Zeek takes it surprisingly well and says that at least he knows, and he's glad that Adam was honest. Adam sits down next to his dad and says, "A wise man once told me that we always have to forgive each other and not get hung up on the past." Zeek considers that, and then says that Adam is a hero because he fixes everybody. Adam denies it at first, and then worries that it means he's a meddler. Zeek allows, "Well, it's bordering on meddling." Aw, father-son bonding. And insults.

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