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The Non-Secret Keepers

The next morning (presumably), Adam and Crosby are eating lunch at their regular diner. Crosby is wondering aloud who would win if Kristina and Sarah did actually fight each other. I think of all the Bravermans, Crosby is the one I would most like to hang out with, even though he's an idiot. He's funny. Adam says that what he's taken away from the whole debacle is that Haddie didn't have sex, and that she didn't have sex with Steve the Asshole. So Adam's happy and he hopes the whole thing will blow over (good luck with that) so they can focus on the Walk for Autism.

Sitting in her van, Julia surreptitiously pours a few containers of store-bought soup into Camille's soup pot. She walks into Jonah's mom's house (played by Michaela Watkins, formerly of SNL). It seems Jonah's mom is recovering from surgery and is really grateful to get some soup. Julia, trying to make conversation, asks what kind of surgery she had. Michaela perkily says, "I got new boobs! Boobs!" and then forces Julia to feel them. Julia is trying real hard not to look judgmental, but she's failing as she says weakly, "Congratulations!"

Max and Adam are walking, trying to rack up miles on their sneakers. They run into the Lessings (who's watching their kid?) who are doing the same. The Lessings continue to walk in place while Mr. Lessing kind of taunts Max about how they are going to win the trophy. That's not nice, dude. I was sure this scene was going to be where Max found out from someone else that he's got Aspberger's, but they didn't go there. And I'm never going to complain about an appearance from the Lessings because I still love Amanda Foreman (Mrs. Lessing) from when she played Megan on Felicity.

Crosby has returned from visiting Chinatown to get some magical potion that Jasmine's doctor has put together, though Crosby expresses doubt that it will work. Especially when he pulls out the bag and discovers that there are seahorses in it. Jasmine tells him to zip it and make the tea, but Crosby continues to grouse about it. But he does make her the tea.

Sarah sits with Amber on the steps at HQ and asks what happened. Amber says that Sarah already knows, but Sarah says she wants to hear Amber's side of things. Amber finally breaks down, knowing that someone is actually on her side, and cries that she feels like there must be something wrong with her because she did the worst thing she could possibly do. Sarah's heart is breaking, probably because she has made similar mistakes in the past too. And yet, Amber continues, it also sucks because she really likes Steve, and it wasn't like she just slept with him for no reason. Sarah looks almost relieved that her daughter isn't just sleeping with random guys, or even sleeping with her cousin's boyfriend, for no reason. Amber apologizes for messing everything up, and Sarah assures her that there's nothing wrong with her and it's okay. Even though her face shows that it's probably not, because it is a mess, and there's no easy way out.

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