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The Non-Secret Keepers

Kristina visits Max's doctor (who I can't help but think of as Dr. Abbott from Everwood) to talk to him about how they haven't exactly told Max that he's on the spectrum yet. The doctor assures her that there's no hard answer about telling kids, and it's probably good that they haven't burdened Max with it yet, because he might not be able to process it. Kristina struggles to ask how kids start to notice that they are different. The doctor says that as Max gets older, things like sleepovers or summer camp will be difficult, but not impossible, and Kristina will know when it's time to talk to Max, because he'll tell her. Kristina looks dumbfounded at the enormity of what's going on with Max, and overwhelmed by all of the things that she hasn't even thought about yet.

At school, Amber walks up to her locker and sees that someone has painted WHORE on it with red paint. She looks like she might cry, but then Drew comes up and sees it too. He asks if he should get some paint and Amber visibly pulls herself together and then says that they'll just leave it up, adding loudly, "Screw 'em all." Amber's kind of my hero. I certainly did not have that level of courage at her age. Then again, I didn't need to. She begs Drew not to tell their mother, and he agrees, but looks worried as she walks off.

And it turns out Drew really is a Braverman, as he keeps a secret as well as the rest of his family. Because in the next scene, Sarah is showing a photo of Amber's locker to Adam and Kristina, and explains that Drew took the picture. They all commiserate, until it comes out that Sarah assumes that Haddie did the paintjob. Adam and Kristina are sure that Haddie had nothing to do with it. Sarah tries to give her reasoning, and says that she's worried about Amber's reputation at a new school, and Adam starts to promise that they'll talk to Haddie, although reiterates that he's sure she didn't do it. Kristina stops everyone and says kind of angrily that they all seem to be forgetting that Amber slept with Steve. Sarah starts to get angry too, and says that Amber apologized. This leads to Sarah and Kristina yelling over one another. Kristina's point seems to be that you can't just do whatever you want and apologize and everything's okay (valid) and Sarah's seems to be that Haddie isn't perfect either and everything's not always all Amber's fault (not that valid, sorry). Adam finally yells at everyone to shut up (he does that a lot) but these two don't listen. Sarah screeches, "Please imagine if somebody wrote whore on Haddie's locker!" and Kristina says quietly, "It wouldn't happen because she's not." OH NO SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! That's basically Sarah's reaction, but finally Adam gets them to shut up and promises that they will talk to Haddie, and Sarah says that's all she wanted. She and Kristina say they're sorry, but it's not clear what they're sorry for, and neither of them seems all that sorry anyway.

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