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The Non-Secret Keepers

Crosby lies in bed as Jasmine enters the room and announces that Jabbar is asleep. As a new parent, I now understand what an exciting moment that is. The kids are asleep, for a few hours or the night, and you get to be a grown-up for a while. Good times. Anyway, Crosby tells Jasmine he was about to die from loneliness and she hops into bed. They giggle and make out a little, and then he tells her he wants to try something new, which frankly looks like garden-variety oral sex. Except for the part where Jasmine hurts her back and Jabbar runs in, wondering what happened and why his mommy is hurt. Crosby leaves to get ice and assure Jabbar that his mom is okay as Jasmine worries about her dance audition on Friday.

Julia visits HQ to get her mother's secret chicken soup recipe. Julia explains that she joined the Angel Committee at her daughter's school, and when a parent has an injury or illness, they provide food or whatever is needed. Camille thinks this is great, and wonders what made Julia sign up for that. She sounds surprised, like Julia wouldn't do something like that just out of the kindness of her heart and there must be another angle. Julia acts all offended but then laughs and admits that Joel signed her up. I really need them to explore this Julia/Joel relationship more. Because she claims to work like a million hours a week, and yet she always seems to have time for the two hundred family obligations each month, and to be a soccer coach, and to go to swim lessons, and to be in the Angel Committee. So which is it? Is she a workaholic or does she barely work? Anyway, Julia awkwardly changes the subject, asking if Camille has talked to Zeek lately. Camille doesn't answer but instead starts rummaging through the cupboards to find a soup pot, before telling Julia that this is up to Camille and Zeek to fix, if it can be fixed, and the rest of them need to stop pressuring her. I can see Camille's point; as someone who has been covering for her husband all this time, it must be tempting to just take him back and pretend everything's fine for the sake of the kids. Instead, she's trying to do what SHE wants. Julia claims to understand, but then asks if Zeek will move back in soon. Camille says he won't, and Julia finally shuts up.

Adam and Zeek are walking, trying out the new sneakers. Zeek somehow knows that Camille's art teacher was at the house last night (stalking?) and wants Adam to find out more about him. Adam keeps trying to change the subject and get Zeek's opinion on the sneakers. Zeek kind of hilarious starts walking backwards and asks if that will reduce the mileage. No, Ferris Bueller, it doesn't work that way.

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