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The Non-Secret Keepers

Camille tastes the soup that Julia made. She says it's good and then recognizes that Julia added cumin. Julia seems really proud. I'm just kind of grossed out that they're both slurping down spoonfuls right from the pot and then sticking their germy spoons back in for more. Isn't this soup supposed to help people get well, not sick? Julia changes the subject and says that she's scared that her parents might split up, but she wants to be there for her mom, because she realizes that it can't be easy for her. Camille looks relieved that one of her kids finally figured it out, and thanks her youngest daughter, calling her a real angel. Julia looks pleased and they go back to sticking their germy spoons in the pot. Get a bowl, people!

Adam is in Max's bedroom, trying to help him figure out where to put the trophy. Of course, Max has very strong ideas about how the things in his room should be grouped. Kristina watches from the doorway as they find a spot and Adam lifts it into place. It's totally off-center on the shelf, which would bug the hell out of ME, so I'm sure it will bother Max. He reads the plaque on the trophy and then asks why they gave the money to autism. Adam considers for a moment and then says that they had the best trophy. Kristina, watching, looks a little unsure like maybe this was their moment to talk about it, but then happy that it's not time yet and Max doesn't have to know yet that he's not like the other kids. Adam and Max continue to talk about how they make a great team as Kristina grins in the doorway. But I do feel like they've opened this door of Max finding out, and they are going to need to follow up on it at some point, though maybe not until next season.

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