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The Non-Secret Keepers
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Adam is driving Max around the sneaker warehouse in a forklift. As they pass through the aisles, Max notices that the sizes aren't ordered properly -- there are 13s mixed in with the 8s, and suchlike. Adam says it's "human error," but I smell a summer job for Max. Don't you think he'd be deliriously happy to put everything in the right place? Max asks why people don't just come to the warehouse to buy their sneakers, and Adam says that people like to have a choice between brands. So Braverman Shoes is a brand? This is the smallest warehouse ever. Are they like a boutique shoe? It's probably best not to ask too many questions.

Speaking of asking questions, Max has a bunch more, but Adam cuts him off to show him their latest sneaker model. It features a built-in pedometer and an SD card that tracks how many steps you take. Max points out that they can use these shoes to track their steps for the Autism Walk on Sunday, and log the most miles, and win. I'm really unclear on how this whole Autism Walk works -- they get to track their mileage all week? And there's a winner? But no one over reports their mileage? Because it's for charity? And people are inherently good? Anyway, Adam clearly had that in mind when he showed Max the sneaker, but because he is sometimes a good dad, he lets Max think he came up with the idea on his own.

Cut to a Braverman family meeting (are these a daily occurrence or what?) where Adam is handing out free sneakers to everyone and explaining how they can track your mileage. Everyone has a snarky comment; Sarah wonders why she has to wear pink (which Kristina picked out) and Crosby points out that Nike had this technology five years ago. Adam is a bigger person than I am -- I would snatch all the sneakers back when people started complaining and tell them to buy their own damn shoes. As Adam makes his presentation to the family, Max continues to pace back and forth, building up his mileage. This is a theme of the episode. Adam explains that he is giving away these shoes to everyone participating in the fundraiser for tracking purposes. Is Adam's company unaffected by the economy? How can they afford to give shoes away to everyone? I guess I don't want this show to turn into Brothers & Sisters, which is all about the business side of things now, but I do still have questions. As Adam finishes, Max (overstimulated) screams out that the winner gets a trophy, and finishes up his Gipper-style pep talk by yelling, "Let's walk for those kids with autism!" Everyone is kind of taken aback, but they applaud anyway. Crosby turns to Julia and whispers, "He doesn't know?" and Julia replies, "I guess not." AWKWARD. Kristina and Adam exchange a look like, "How exactly are we supposed to handle this?" but everyone continues cheering.

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