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The Sisterhood of Bad Idea Jeans

Major OMGing is going on in Haddie's room. The girls at her slumber party are hopping around in their pajamas while Amber sits on a chaise and does homework in her glasses. "Since when do you like Deathcab?" one of the girls asks. Haddie hems and haws that those are someone else's and she has to return them. Getting it, her friend Tisha breaks the CD in half. "Steve's a douche," her other friend says, and they all laugh. Amber stays out of it. "The Decemberists?" her friend asks, rolling her eyes at yet another great band (OMG, what is wrong with these girls? Who do they like if they don't like these bands?). "Do it," Tisha says, wanting Haddie to break that one, too. "No, no, no," Haddie says, her friends' squealy protests. She turns to her cousin, and asks if she thinks she should do it. "He was a total jerk to you," her friends insist. Amber mumbles that she should do whatever she wants, and Haddie happily breaks the CD, and others to boot.

Back at Adam's, Zeek is snoozing on the couch when Max runs in, frantic. Miles has run away. "Did you check eight inches away from where you left him?" Zeek deadpans, and I sort of love him for it. Adam and Kristina frown, and begin the search and rescue mission. "This is where a dog would come in handy," Zeek says. "'Here, Skipper! Here, boy!' The dog comes. You do that to a turtle? Nothin'." See, just when I hate Zeek, he makes me love him, again. Adam smirks and says he'll get some flashlights.

Sarah is at the gallery, turning her head this way and that in front of a modern painting. "de Kooning gets a royalty every time someone looks at that," Matthew says as he walks up with Camille. While her mother laughs like it's the funniest thing ever said, Sarah merely chuckles politely. "That's an art joke I actually get," she says. Apparently, Camille and Matthew are on their way out. "You're... going...?" Sarah asks, surprised and confused. Matthew explains that a friend of his has an art gallery in Oakland that is also having an opening that night. "It's a few steps down on the pretentious meter," he adds, pretentiously. Sarah says this sounds great. "I'll join you," she says. Camille: "Oh, no, no. That won't be necessary." Aw, DAMN. Shut down by your own mom?! "But, Mom," Sarah says, "how are you going to get home? Do you want me to come get you, later?" Sarah, as if she is the mom here, talking to her teenage daughter, tells her to have fun and watches them go with a very worried look on her face.

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